Python Program to Remove Spaces from a String

Removing spaces from a string

Here we will write python program, we will Remove spaces from a string words whether the sentence is meaningful or meaningless and we can do this in two different ways:-

  • By traversing the string and removing spaces.
  • Using the join function.


Python program to remove spaces from a string

Method 1


  • Step 1:- Start.
  • Step 2:-  Take String Input.
  • Step 3:- Use join function to remove spaces.
  • Step 4:- Print String.
  • Step 5:- End.

Python code

#take user input 
String = "PrepInsta is fabulous"

#Use join function 
String = "".join(String.split()) 

#print String 
print("After removing spaces string is :",String)


After removing spaces string is : PrepInstaisfabulous

Method 2

Algorithm :

  • Take a string as an input from the user.
  • Count number of spaces in the string and store it in a variable say t
  • Use a loop to call replace() function t times
  • Replace space character with ” in a string.
  • Print output.

Python program to Remove spaces from a string

# spaces from a string
# Input string
s="PrepInsta is fabulous"
# Count no. of spaces in a string
t=s.count(" ")
# replace all the spaces with ”
for i in range(t):
    s=s.replace(' ',"")

# Print the output
print("String after removing space: ")


String after removing space: 

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