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Placement Preparation Sites For Engineering Students

India's most visited jobs & Skill website with 2 Million Unique Visitors

100+ Company-wise Preparation sites Including Prime Mock and Prime Videos with Expert Guidance

2 Million+

Unique Visitors


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Best Website for Engineering Students

Prime Mock

Topic-wise Full Mock and much more

Placement preparation webiste for Engineering students

Prime Video

Company-wise Full Video Lectures

Placement preparation site for Engineering students

Royal Pass

Complete access of the site paid material.

Engineering Preparation site

Nano Degree

You will get certification course also

Sites for Engineering students to prepare


Train yourself and get placed

Placement Preparation site for Engineering Students

Course Includes the following:

What’s in the course:

  • Prime Videos: This includes all the specific Company wise videos.
  • Prime Mock: If you are looking for Topic-wise Full Mock for each company separately then here is the answer.
  • Royal Pass: You will get access for all the paid materials of website
  • PPC: Train Yourself here to achieve your dream job
  • Nano Degree: Certification for C, C++, DSA and Python
  • Combo Courses: Combo 1 and Combo 2 comes under this category.

Placement Preparation Site For Engineering Students: Features

Placement Preparation

Company Wise Prime Mock


Mock Test with Proper Analytics will help you in analyzing your potential

Preparation sites

Topic- wise Prime Video


Video Lectures of Aptitude, Logical, Verbal, Coding and much moreTopic-wise

Placement preparation webiste

Royal Pass


You will get access of the whole Website Paid material Courses for one year

Engineering Students Placement Preparation

Nano Degree


This will provide you certificates of different courses.

Placement Preparation for Engineering Students

Interview Preparation


You will get proper guidance for your Interview both Rounds, Technical and HR




You will be trained and guided with Mentors to get placed in your dream company

Placement Preparation Site for Engineering Students: Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation


PrepInsta Mock Interview Preparation

Technical Interview Preparation

  • You will get answer to the most Frequent asked questions.
  • You will get Mentorship about Resume Preparation and Projects briefing
  • You will get one to one mock interviews

HR Interview Question and Answer

  • You will get frequent asked questions and answers of both HR and MR Round
  • You will get guidance about company specific Interview Experiences
  • You will get one to one mock interviews


Take a Step Ahead Towards Your Dream Job