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what are some of the placement preparation websites

Prime Mock

Find mock papers/tests for each company

campus placement preparation sites

Prime Video

Find topic wise video lectures asked in placement exams

best sites to prepare for placements

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what are the best websites for placements

Nano Degree Certifications

Get industry recognized certificates for various in-demand skills.

best placement websites

CoCubes Online Test

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With a PrepInsta Prime Subscription, you will get:-

  • Prime Videos: – Video lectures including upskilling videos, placement preparation videos, interview preparation videos, and more.
  • Prime Mocks: – TopicWise full mocks targeting each company
  • Upskilling Courses:- Learn the latest technical skills including Machine Learning, AI, Data Analytics, and more.
  • Interview Preparation:- Interview questions and video interviews with placed candidates detailing their experience and more.
  • Projects:- DIY projects based on AI, ML, Deep Learning, Neural Networking and more.
  • Nano Degree: – Nano degree certificate upskilling courses including machine learning, ethical hacking, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • TCS iON Rio Internship:- Get a TCS iON Rio 45 Internship program free of cost, with your prime subscription.
  • CoCubes Online Test:- With a prime subscription, you get to sit for the CoCubes Assessment exam for free.

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