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Mu Sigma Test 2018

Mu Sigma online test pattern is of a moderate difficulty level. Generally there are four sections in which online test is held Aptitude, Verbal, Logical Reasoning, and Psychometric Personality Test. After clearing the Aptitude, Verbal Synthesis, and the Group Discussion Round, the candidate has to go through a face to face technical interview after passing the interviews the last round is an HR interview. Sometimes the technical and HR rounds are conducted together, but that entirely depends upon the recruiter.

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Mu sigma Test Pattern 2018
Number of Sections4
Total Questions72
Total Allotted Time60 minutes
Mode ConductedOnline/ Written

On Campus Interview Process

Mu Sigma conducts pool campus drives every year to select new candidates. The selection process of the company depends on 6 rounds. The rounds are as follows:

Detailed Test Pattern for Mu Sigma 2018

Mu Sigma Aptitude & Personality Test consists of questions on Quant, Critical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Majorly focussed topics are Questions are time & work, percentages, data sufficiency.

Topics covered in the Aptitude Section

Verbal: Verbal section contains grammar, fill in the blanks and Reading Comprehensions.

Topics covered in the Verbal Section

Critical Thinking: This section includes questions related to visual thinking and visual representation (bar graphs or statistics).

Topics covered under Critical Thinking Section

Video Synthesis: This round tests the listening and grasping skills of the candidate. In this round, a video clip is shown for 5 minutes, and the individual candidate has to synthesize it in less than 4-5 sentences.

Pseudo Code & Case Study round consists of a written test where a pseudo code will be given and one has to write the output. And in Case Study a situation of a company will be given and some questions will be asked regarding that problem. This round is of 30 minutes.

Candidates who clear these rounds are eligible for the Group Discussion and the Face to Face Interview Rounds.

Mu Sigma Interview Experiences

Name: Renuka Iyer

College: Alagappa College of Technology, Chennai

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I appeared for the Mu Sigma Recruitment drive held at my college in September 2017. They offered the positions for Data Analyst and Developer. There were 4 stages in the complete interview process, Aptitude Round, Video Synthesis, Group Discussion, and the Face to Face Round. For the preparation of the aptitude round I referred to PrepInsta as only they have the updated syllabus for Mu-Sigma.

Aptitude Round

As all the branches participated, so most of the students applied for the post of a Data Analyst. There were only 45-60 students (including me) who applied for the post of a Developer

The results for this round were announced within an hour of the paper, and 70% students were rejected after the aptitude test.

Video Synthesis

In this round, they showed us a video clip and we had to write our own synthesis of it in maximum 4-5 sentences. The purpose of this round was to see if the candidate has an ability to make sense of the data, beyond with just summarizing what is shown. We were not allowed to write down anything during the video. After the clip was over, we were given a sheet of paper in which we had to write the synthesis. There were few points to remember during this round, which were:

  1. You should not just write a summary of what you saw. This is a strict no and will be rejected then and there.
  2. The video clip shown was in English and without subtitles. They will play it only once whether you got it or not. Therefore the candidate should be very attentive during the video.
  3. Write your own perspective on the scene you saw. It is not necessary that you write for the motion, or against it, but you should be clear and firm about what you are writing so you can justify your statement.
  4. The points should be crisp and short and well précised. Long sentences generally show that the thoughts of the candidate are not clear and are more vulnerable to rejection.
  5. Try and add an original perspective to the events of the video as to why it could be happening or what could be the impact, etc.

Pseudo Code and The Case Study Round


In this round I was given a pseudo Code of AVL Trees and on the basis of that code I had to write the output. Later, they gave a case study of McDonald’s and gave us 15 minutes to go through it. After 15 minutes they asked us some questions related to tour understanding of the case study, and asked few questions and ideas through which we can increase the sales.

Group Discussion

In this round we were divided in a group of 10 students each, and given a topic to discuss. Our group had to discuss on data analytics and its present state. The candidates were evaluated on the basis of their communication skills, and clarity of opinions. For this round the candidate should be clear about his/her GD etiquette like when to interrupt, how to speak, when to speak, how to make an impact in front of the judges and what to do and what not to do.

Face to Face Interview Round (Technical + HR)

This round majorly focuses on understanding your personality, your specific skills or your forte and how truthful were you in your Aptitude and resume. The key differentiator in this interview will be the focus on your answers in Aptitude Round. The interviewer had the answer sheet of all the previous rounds and asked various questions regarding the answers I had given previously. The interviewer asked me to justify my answers of the video synthesis round. Later he moved towards my CV and asked about the certifications and the internships that I did. He also asked about my final year project and what was my contribution to it. He also asked some general questions regarding team management and leadership. At last he asked few questions regarding Mu Sigma such as:

  • What do you know about Mu Sigma?
  • Why do you want to work for Mu Sigma?
  • Are you fine with relocation across the country or overseas?
  • Do you know about the latest achievements of Mu Sigma ?

Lastly, he asked if I had any questions, to which I asked few about the working hours, and the CTC, and then I left. I was shortlisted, and I started my journey at Mu Sigma this May 2018.
All the very Best!!!

Name: Radhika Apte

College: Pune University

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: Off- Campus (Referral) Interview

Student Interview

I applied through an employee referral. The process took 6+ weeks. I interviewed at Mu Sigma Bengaluru in June 2016 for the post of Senior Data Analyst. I submitted my CV online, and after three weeks I received a call from the HR, that my interview was scheduled after one week at the Bengaluru campus. I studied for the test through PrepInsta. PrepInsta provided me with the idea about all the rounds, and what topics I should focus on while preparing for the interview.

Face to Face Interview Round

My interview was scheduled for 11:00 am at the Mu Sigma campus. I was asked to submit my resume along with a photograph of mine. After a few minutes, I was called for the interview in the cabin of the senior manager. The interview round was a mix of  Technical as well as an HR Round. The questions asked me about my previous job, my internships, certifications, graduation, and some questions about my family background. Questions I faced were:

  • Explain the data analysis procedure.
  • Is there any difference between Data Mining and Data Profiling?
  • What is a Data Model?
  • How will you handle the QA process while developing a predictive model to forecast the customer churn?
  • What are the major problems faced by a Data Analyst?
  • How will you begin a Data Analytics Project?

After this, I was given a case study and was asked to understand the statistics for the sales, and have to suggest a solution to help the company come out of the losses. After this, I was asked some puzzles to test my problem-solving ability. Then the HR explained to me how the work is done in the company.  At last, they asked me if I had any questions for them, to which I asked a few, and then I left. I was asked to wait outside. After 30 minutes I was called in the cabin again, and the HR handed me with the offer letter for the post of Senior data analyst for Mu Sigma.


No, it is already stated that there should be no current backlogs.

Definitely you should go for Mu Sigma. Mu Sigma is amongst the most reputed names in the IT industry.

It entirely depends upon your preperation and howrefined are your basics .

The results are declared then and there. If selected you will get n offer letter on the spot.

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