Mu Sigma Placement Process for 2018

Placement Process for Mu Sigma 2018

The other websites available on the internet for Mu Sigma do not offer the updated syllabus. Some websites are so outdated that they are still continuing with the off campus selection process as well for Mu sigma. Mu Sigma has changed its pattern from 2015, and keeps on adding new processes every year. 

Mu Sigma Interview Process is so different from other companies because of the extra rounds it conducts in its Placement Process. This page will cover everything that you need to know about Mu Sigma Written Test Process for Online Test paper and also, the Interview procedure.

Placement Process 2018

  1.             Quantitative Analysis
  2.             Verbal Analysis
  3.             Logical Reasoning
  4.            Observational Analysis
  5.            Psychometric Personality Analysis

How to Prepare for Mu Sigma?

Visit our Mu Sigma Preparation Dashboard page for complete information of questions generally asked in placement process .

Most of the questions are repeated from the previous year papers of Mu Sigma. Since these are very important, we have created a set of most suitable questions that can be asked in Mu Sigma placement process. 

Mu Sigma Personality Profile

In this section, there are about 50 questions asked for analyzing the personality traits of the candidate. The candidate should answer all the questions attentively, and none of the answers should give an impact of a negative personality.To know more about this round click here 

Mu Sigma Video Synthesis

This round is held for testing ability of the candidate to make sense of the data that is presented with beyond just summarizing what is shown. Here a 5 minute video clip is shown to the candidate and the candidate has to write the synthesis and not a summary, in other words the moral of the story has to be written. For example, if a clip of Ramayana is shown, then the candidate need not to answer the summary of the events that took place, the answer could be stealing someone’s wife is an offence.

Mu Sigma Pseudo Code

In this section a small pseudo code, or a false code is given and the candidate needs to answer on the basis of his/ her prediction of the output.

Mu Sigma Case Study

A case study of any company could be asked under this section. They may give certain statistics and ask suggestions or ideas how the stats can be improved. Basically this round is held to test the problem solving and logical ability of the candidate.

Interview Experieces

Name: Monica Iyer

College: MNIT , Jaipur

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Mu Sigma is one of the companies that have the best selection process. They look at each and every aspect of a good student and only then they would give you an offer. I’ll walk you through the process of selection through my experience.

I’m a 2015 pass out. And in 2014 the company had come for placements in our campus. I didn’t go for the campus placements, because if I got the job, I would be barred for attending other companies. It was our college rule.

And so, in 2015, after most of the placements were over in our campus, I decided to try my luck in the off campus selections. Over 1500 students were coming and I knew I had a thin chance. But still, I tried so as to see how I fared among 1500 students.

Anyways. Let’s come to the placement process itself. I’ll describe each round, and I’ll tell you what they expect in each round and what you need to prepare for it.

Round 1: Basic aptitude
I must say, the aptitude test is one of the easiest among others that I attended. They would mostly be organized by cocubes. Questions included analysis of basic graphs, solution to simple quadratic equations, puzzles on patterns, etc. It’s no big deal. Just know how to solve frequent types of aptitude questions. There is no negative marking, and only 15 questions. So answer all of them and take enough time to solve it. Make sure most of your answers are right before moving on.

Along with this, they had a personality questionnaire, via Facebook. It’s a basic analysis of your personality. The only point to be noted here is that your answers should be consistent. They ask the same question in three different ways. So answer them so that they are consistent.

Round 2: Puzzle / Business scenarios
In this round, they would give you a sheet with a data set and some questions regarding an algorithm. They ask us to find the output wrt the algorithm. Whatever happens, don’t go through the algorithm step-by-step.

There IS a pattern. Find it. And then find the output. Most people didn’t make it through because they couldn’t do the steps in time, as they tried to follow the algorithm.

For us, we had an extra sheet that had a business problem that was similar to what MuSigmans do at the office. You are supposed to ask questions to the imaginary shopkeeper mentioned in the problem so as to know what you could do to boost his sales.
For this question, your answers should reflect your knowledge about marketing/finance/etc. So ask questions that would answer problems on marketing.

Round 3: Video synthesis:
A video is played. You need to carefully listen to it and write the main points you understood from it.

A sheet of paper with a few lines is given to you. Keep in mind that you should write as many points as possible that would summarize the video. But don’texceed the space provided. You will quality if you write 3-4 points which are meaningful.

In my case, a video of the CEO explaining trends of different types of markets was shown. I wrote 3 points, well within the space provided. They were concise, but enough to portray the key points.

Round 4: Group discussions:
This is a plain old technique that needs no explanation. However, most of the time, they would give you a topic that relates to the video shown before hand. So keep a keen interest in what was shown. Also, know what you wrote on the slip the previous round. They refer to it while you speak.

Just a few things are enough to let you through this round. Refrain from arguments that would make this a debate, rather than a group discussion. Don’t interrupt others. Do talk something. Make one valid point, but don’t just stop with that. Add points whenever you can.

In my case, they let me through because I made two valid points and kept supporting it. They let everyone who spoke at least one point through the round.

Round 6 & 7: Interviews:
Keep calm and answer all questions asked with confidence. That’s all they see. Know what you write on your resume. It’s just a plain old interview. No catches. Just show that you can communicate well.

The first interview is what matters. You need to impress the first interviewer. Apart from one or two scenarios in business, he/she would only ask about yourself. You can tackle the business scenarios by reading generalized marketing scenarios on the web. Some are here on Quora as well.

Once you pass this interview, the last one is a piece of cake. It’s just a final formality and they would only ask basic HR questions.

Finally: Celebrate!! :
Now that you’ve cleared all rounds, it’s time to party! They would usually give you the offer letter there itself along with a T-shirt! 🙂

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Name: Kusum Arora

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: Off- Campus (through Recruiter)

Student Interview

I am 25 and did my graduation from a decent college. I have been working as a Senior Data Analyst at Mu Sigma Bengaluru from past two years. I applied for the post of Data Analyst through a recruiter. The process took 2+ weeks. I interviewed at Mu Sigma on 15th October 2016 in Bengaluru. While preparing for the interview, I referred to PrepInsta as it offers the best and the updated material for preparation. I went through their interview experiences as well, to be sure about what questions are asked and how I should answer them.

Aptitude Round

The recruiter gave me a code through which I registered for the off-campus drive that was to be conducted at IIT Hyderabad. There were only students from 2015-14 batches as well. The passkey for the test was provided at the test center itself. The paper had four divisions:


Number of Questions

Allotted Time

Difficulty Level

Cut- off percentile

Quantitative Analysis





Verbal + Logical Reasoning and Data Analysis





Observational Test





Psychometric Personality Test





The results for this round were announced within a week, and 70% of students were rejected after the aptitude test. After this test, the shortlisted students were asked to attend the GD round which was held at the same Hyderabad campus. The interviewers in the GD round were from mu-sigma.

Group Discussion

In this round, we were divided into a group of 10 students each and given a topic to discuss. Our group had to discuss data analytics and its present state. The candidates were evaluated by their communication skills and clarity of opinions. At the end of the day the results were announced, and I got to know that I was shortlisted and have to report at the Bengaluru campus after one week. The details were sent on my mail about the interview timings and the documents I had to carry along.

Face to Face Interview Round

There was only 1 round as the number of applicants was more. Therefore they combined the Technical and the HR round. As my name was called, I saw three interviewers sitting there. They asked me to take a seat and offered me a glass of water. They began with general questions about my likes/dislikes, my hobbies, my internships, previous job, academic career. They Also asked few questions about mu-sigma, as what do I know about the company, and why did I choose to apply for mu-sigma. Later they gave me some pseudo codes and puzzles to solve. After this, they asked few questions about my final year project and the languages I had worked on before. They were impressed with my confidence and fluency of my answers. The interview lasted for about 40-45 minutes. After all the interviews were over, at the end of the day they announced the names of the selected students, luckily I was one of them, and they gave the offer letter along with a t-shirt.

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