Mu Sigma Placement Process for 2018

Placement Process for Mu Sigma 2018

The other websites available on the internet for Mu Sigma do not offer the updated syllabus. Some websites are so outdated that they are still continuing with the off campus selection process as well for Mu sigma. Mu Sigma has changed its pattern from 2015, and keeps on adding new processes every year. 

Mu Sigma Interview Process is so different from other companies because of the extra rounds it conducts in its Placement Process. This page will cover everything that you need to know about Mu Sigma Written Test Process for Online Test paper and also, the Interview procedure.

Placement Process 2018

  1.             Quantitative Analysis
  2.             Verbal Analysis
  3.             Logical Reasoning
  4.            Observational Analysis
  5.            Psychometric Personality Analysis

How to Prepare for Mu Sigma?

Visit our Mu Sigma Preparation Dashboard page for complete information of questions generally asked in placement process .

Most of the questions are repeated from the previous year papers of Mu Sigma. Since these are very important, we have created a set of most suitable questions that can be asked in Mu Sigma placement process. 

Mu Sigma Personality Profile

In this section, there are about 50 questions asked for analyzing the personality traits of the candidate. The candidate should answer all the questions attentively, and none of the answers should give an impact of a negative personality.To know more about this round click here 

Mu Sigma Video Synthesis

This round is held for testing ability of the candidate to make sense of the data that is presented with beyond just summarizing what is shown. Here a 5 minute video clip is shown to the candidate and the candidate has to write the synthesis and not a summary, in other words the moral of the story has to be written. For example, if a clip of Ramayana is shown, then the candidate need not to answer the summary of the events that took place, the answer could be stealing someone’s wife is an offence.

Mu Sigma Pseudo Code

In this section a small pseudo code, or a false code is given and the candidate needs to answer on the basis of his/ her prediction of the output.

Mu Sigma Case Study

A case study of any company could be asked under this section. They may give certain statistics and ask suggestions or ideas how the stats can be improved. Basically this round is held to test the problem solving and logical ability of the candidate.

Interview Experieces

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Mu Sigma Placment Process 2018
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