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MeritTrac Quantitative Aptitude Questions Paper

The quantitative section questions has total 16 question which must be solved in 16 minutes too. You can see the detailed pattern for merittrac aptitude questions and for other sections on PrepInsta’s MeritTrac Dashboard for Merittrac quantitative aptitude questions.

Merittrac aptitude test sample papers and written test questions are the best resources to study on PrepInsta.

Latest problems for 2017 test papers and practice model papers along with study material are there in individual sections below.

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Here are MeritTrac Paper and questions-

Merittrac Questions on Quantitative Aptitude with Answers

MeritTrac Quants Aptitude Syllabus PDF wise questions are-

Merittrac Aptitude Test Paper

MeritTrac Number System

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Number of Questions: 6 Questions

(Number System is one of the most important topic with the highest number of questions coming from this one. Also, they are cross functional i.e. some other topics can be mixed with these two in merittrac quantitative aptitude questions)

MeritTrac Nature System

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: Medium
  • Number of Questions: 5 Questions

(These questions are generally easy once enough practice has been done on them and shortcuts have been learnt properly)

Merittrack quantitative aptitude previous questions with solutions

MeritTrac Misc


  • Difficulty Level – Medium
  • Importance – High
  • Number of Questions – 5 Questions

(Previous years Profit and Loss Questions in merittrac aptitude questions were easy but has been the most asked questions in the exam)

Merit Track Quants questions with answers

Focus Dividend

Most Important Topics – Profit & Loss, Numbers

Most Difficult Topics – Pipes and Cisterns

Easiest topic – Speed, time & Distance

MeritTrac Aptitude Paper based FAQ’s

Q.How was MeritTrac Accenture paper toughness in 2017?

Ans. The level was easy to moderate with Pipes and cistern question being most time consuming it was an interesting thing in this years paper that if the paper is solved in before 10 minutes additional 3 mark question is also given to solve as bonus.

Q. Where can I find previous questions with solutions?

Ans. PrepInsta’s Quants ability previous year papers are available in sections above and have been curated by our experts.

Q. Where can I find merittrac aptitude questions with answer for amdocs?

Ans. Merittrac is a placement service company and its paper including aptitude questions as well as answers remains for the companies like- hp, cts, tesco, hsbc, wipro , infosys, tcs and amazon in pdf.

Generally there is no specific paper for any company its generalised merittrac quantitative aptitude questions.


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