Cisco Interview Experience

cisco interview experience

Cisco Interview Experience

Read the latest Cisco Interview Experience of recently placed students. We have included Cisco Interview Questions and Answers and resources required for Cisco Interview Preparation.

Page Highlights:-

  • About Cisco
  • Cisco Interview Experience
  • Cisco Interview Questions with Answers

Cisco Interview Experience

Read the latest Cisco Interview Experience of recently placed students. We have included Cisco Interview Questions and Answers and resources required for Cisco Interview Preparation.

Page Highlights:-

  • About Cisco
  • Cisco Interview Experience
  • Cisco Interview Questions with Answers
cisco interview experience

About Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc is an American company.

It manufactures and sells networking hardware, software and telecommunications equipment and other high end technology services and products.

To know more about the company you can visit them at :

Recruitment Process

Cisco hires through the following processes:-

  • On Campus drives
  • Off Campus drives
  • Competition like Cisco Ideathon and Cisco Women in Technology.


On Campus drives:

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Ideathon Test Pattern:

  • Online Quiz
  • Video Submission
  • Competency Assessment Test
  • Written Test
  • Interview

Interview Process:-

Cisco usually conducts 2 interviews:-

  • Technical Round
  • HR Round

Depending on the tier of the college, they can conduct multiple technical rounds as well as a managerial round.

Cisco Interview Experience 2023

Cisco has been rated as the best place to work in the world. So when our HoD informed us that Cisco was coming to hire on our campus, I had made up my mind that I would crack it and get the job there. This is my Cisco Interview Experience for the role of Network Developer.

The eligibility criteria for Cisco was,

  • Cgpa of 8 and above
  • No standing backlogs
  • Only CS/IT and circuital branches were eligible.

There were in total 4 rounds.

  1. Online Assessment
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Managerial Interview
  4. HR Interview

Online Assessment:-

The online assessment round consisted of two sections:-

  1. MCQ section- including questions on network, operating systems, cyber security and some programming questions.
  2. Coding section – there were two coding questions, and we had to pass the test cases for them. One question was based on the Greedy algorithm and the other was a graph type question.

Technical Interview:-

The Technical Interview was conducted two days after the online assessment round. My Technical Interview lasted for around 30 minutes.

The questions were mostly on Network and Operating Systems.

1.Introduce yourself.

2.How will you explain computer networking in layman’s terms?

Networking can simply be described  as connecting two or more computers locally or globally such that they are able to share information among themselves.

3.What is ping and traceroute?

Ping:- Ping checks whether a particular IP address is accessible or not.

Traceroute:- Traceroute traces the route of a packet as it leaves the computer to the host, and shows the number of steps and time it will take for the packet to reach the host.

4.How is a virus removed from a computer?

The easiest way to remove virus from a computer is to run an antivirus scan.

First boot the PC in Safe mode, where the PC is running only the essential programs. This is done to ensure the antivirus can scan without any interruption.

Once the PC is in Safe Mode, the antivirus scan is done to eliminate the virus.

If the antivirus fails, however then a professional help is recommended.

5.What is troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting includes the process of identifying, diagnosing, planning and resolving any problem, error or bugs in a software or computer system.

6.What steps will you take to troubleshoot a page that is not loading?

1.Check the Connection:– many times the issue is not the page but the network. Verify that the system is online and connected to a stable internet connection

2.Identify the problem.

a.If the user is unable to connect to a particular website, then the problem might be with the website. In this case we can check what the error message is displayed in the browser window, like if it is 500, that means the web-server has problem or 404 means the page is removed or the link is wrong.

b.If the user is unable to connect to any site then we can with the troubleshooting(Step 3)

3.Verify the IP address. We need to verify our DHCP server IP address.

If the IP address begins with 169.254, it means it is auto-configured by the operating system, there is no connection between the system and the DHCP server.

In this case we need to get a DHCP address from, by contacting the support desk.

4.Verify gateway address. Gateway is responsible for packet transmission to the external networks(internet). We need to verify the IP address of default gateway, and then verify it with PING command.

If it is working, then we will get a positive ping command, i.e.,

However if the ping response is negative, it shows request time out then it means the system cannot reach the gateway.

5.Verify DNS

DNS server basically translates a domain to an IP address which the system can read. To verify whether it is working or not, we can ping command to a domain name say

Executing a ping command to a host name, the operating system resolves it to a IP address. However if it does not resolves to an IP address, then the DNS server is not working.

7.What is the difference between private and public IP addresses?

Private IPPublic IP
used to connect to a private networkused to connect to a global network
Class A: to
Class B: to
Class C:192.168
.0.0 to
Besides the private IP address range, rest are all public
It is freeIt is not free

8.What is encryption?

Encryption, basically means to convert the data into an encoded format and can be read after it is decoded.

9.What is the Blue Screen on a laptop?

Blue Screen error is also known as stop message error or stop error. This occurs due to faulty hardware, faulty drivers or low level apps running in the kernel.

Due to which the system shuts down or restarts.

The interviewer did not ask me any programming questions or questions on my project.

Managerial Interview:-

After the Technical Interview, the Managerial Interview was conducted. The Interviewer was really friendly and spent most of the interview asking questions about my hometown, family and hobbies. He also asked me some questions on programming languages and asked about my project.

This round lasted around 45 minutes.

1.What was your major project in college?

2.What is Dijkstra’s Algorithm?

Dijkstra’s algorithm is used for finding the shortest path between noes in a graph.

3.What is the Merge sort algorithm?

Merge sort is used to sort data in a logical order. It follows the divide and conquer approach.

Algorithm for merge sort in C++

  • IF p < r
  • THEN q = FLOOR[(p + r)/2]
  • MERGE (A, pq)
  • MERGE (A, q + 1, r)
  • MERGE (A, pqr)

Algorithm for MERGE(A,p,q,r)

MERGE (Apqr )

  • n1 ← q − p + 1
  • n2 ← r − q
  • Create arrays L[1 . . n1 + 1] and R[1 . . n2 + 1]
  • For i ← 1 to n1
  • Do L[i] ← A[p + i − 1]
  • For j ← 1 to n2
  • Do R[j] ← A[q + j ]
  • L[n1 + 1] ← ∞
  • R[n2 + 1] ← ∞
  • ← 1
  • j ← 1
  • For k ← p to r
  • Do if L[i ] ≤ R[ j]
  • Then A[k] ← L[i]
  •  i ← i + 1
  • Else A[k] ← R[j]
  •  j ← j + 1

Program for Merge Sort

#include<stdio.h> using namespace std;

void mergeSort(int[],int,int); 
void merge(int[],int,int,int);

//Display function to print values. 
void display(int arr[], int size)
    int i;
    for(i = 0; i < size; i++)

int main() 
    int a[10]= {8, 4, 5, 1, 3, 9, 0, 2, 7, 6}; 
    int i; 
    int size = sizeof(a)/sizeof(a[0]);
    cout<<"Before sorting: \n"; 
    display(a, size);//Using display function to print unsorted array.
    cout<<"After sorting: \n";
    display(a, size);//Using display function to print sorted array.
//Dividing the list into two sublist, sorting them and merging them.
void mergeSort(int a[], int strt, int end)
    int mid;
        mid = (strt+end)/2;
//Combining two sublist.
void merge(int a[], int strt, int mid, int end)
    int i=strt,j=mid+1,p,index = strt;
    int temp[10];
    while(i<=mid && j<=end)
        if(a[i]<a[j]) { temp[index] = a[i]; i = i+1; } else { temp[index] = a[j]; j = j+1; } index++; } if(i>mid)
            temp[index] = a[j];
            temp[index] = a[i];
    p = strt;

4.What is a distance vector algorithm?

5.What are your hobbies?

6.What are you expecting from this profile?

HR Interview:-

The HR Interview was the final round. It was a short interview of around 15 minutes and the interviewer mostly checked my knowledge about Cisco and some basic HR questions were asked.

1.What do you know about Cisco?

2.Do you know about our certification program?

3.Can you work under pressure?

4.Any questions?

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Cisco Interview Preparation Course

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  • Cisco HR Interview Questions and Answers
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FAQ on Cisco Interview Experience

Question: What is Cisco Certification?


Cisco provides certification courses like CCNA, CCDA etc.

These certifications are highly valued in IT industry and owning one of these certificates will increase your chances of getting a job in Cisco.

Question: In Cisco Interview will I get coding questions?


Yes, depending on the profile, Cisco will ask you to write codes.

Question: How do I prepare for Cisco Interview?


For Cisco Interview, be thorough with your resume topics.

Read about networking, cyber security, cloud computing etc.


Question: What are the questions asked in Cisco Interview?


Cisco Interviews include questions on networking, operating systems, cloud computing and cyber security

Question: How long does it take to hear back from Cisco after Interview?


It takes anywhere between 1-2 weeks for Cisco Interview Results to come.

Question: Is it hard to get hired at Cisco?


It is definitely not easy to get hired in Cisco. The eligibility criteria for which Cisco hires is more rigorous then other MNCs.