How To Prepare For Campus Placements CSE

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How to Prepare for Campus Placements CSE (2022 - 2023)?

Are you in doubt about how to prepare for placements as a CSE student? Then this page is for you. Find a detailed guide for placement preparation for CSE students on this page.

Placement for CSE

Campus placement or recruitment is a program conducted within a university or other educational institution to provide jobs to students who are about to graduate.

In this program, colleges partner with corporations that want to hire students.

There are two types of corporations that hire freshers. These are:-

  • Service-Based Companies
    • TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc.
  • Product Based Companies
    • Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.

Steps to Prepare for Placements from CSE

The placement processes for product-based and service-based companies vary slightly. The flowcharts given below explain the recruitment process of these companies.

Placement Process for Service-Based Companies

How to Prepare for Placements in Service Based Companies
what topics to prepare for cse placements

Placement Process for Product-Based Companies

how to prepare for placements cse in 2 months
how to prepare for cse interview

Roadmaps for How to Prepare for Placements CSE

We have created roadmaps that you can follow when preparing for placement exams. Go through each of them and pick the one which suits your needs the best.

How to Prepare for Placements? (General)

how to prepare for placements cse in 6 months
how to prepare for campus placements cse

A Complete Guide to Placements Preparation for CSE

Find the detailed guide below to prepare for placements as a CS engineer graduate. Each step has been explained in detail and we have also provided links for reference. You can check them out to prepare yourself for placements.

Placement Rounds:-

The placement rounds include:-

  • Resume Shortlisting
  • How to prepare the perfect resume?
  • Online Test
    • Aptitude Test
    • Game-Based Aptitude
    • Psychometric Test
    • Data Interpretation
    • Guesstimates
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Programming MCQs
    • Coding Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • Techno-Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview

Additional Skills to Develop:-

In addition to the above, you should also develop skills that will make you stand out from the rest. Some of these include:-

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Competitive Coding
  • Interview Puzzles
  • Digital Skills
  • Most Asked Technical Questions

Placement Rounds:-

We have broken down all the rounds that are conducted in placements. Read about them below, and check out the additional links.


A resume serves as an introduction of the candidate to the recruiters. As a fresher work on creating a professional resume that can grab the attention of employers.
Many Product-based companies and even some Service-Based companies nowadays have started shortlisting candidates based on their resumes.

Relevant Links:-


The first round of placement is an online assessment. These are either conducted by the company like TCS NQT or by third-party platforms like AMCAT, CoCubes, HackerRank, etc.
Most online assessments test you on the following:-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Programming Test

2.1 Aptitude Test

The aptitude section is the first part of any online test. As a CS student, this is the part where you need to focus more. We would recommend you prepare well for this part.
For the aptitude test, the sections can include:-

  • Mathematical questions including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, etc.
  • Logical reasoning, Game-Based aptitude, and visual reasoning questions.
  • Verbal questions test communication skills, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Data Interpretation, Behavioral tests, etc.

Find some of the important links below:-

2.2 Coding

In the coding test, there are two types of questions that can be asked:-

  • Programming MCQs:-
    • Multiple choice questions on concepts of programming languages. The difficulty varies from basic to medium complexity, however, for some exams, you can expect advanced-level questions.
    • Programming MCQs are usually based on the theory of C and C++.
  • Hands-on Coding:-
    • Here you have to write codes for the given problem statement.
    • The complexity level varies depending on the exam.
    • For tests like TCS NQT or Cognizant GenC exam, the coding questions are of basic to medium complexity.
    • For tests like InfyTQ or TCS Codevita, the coding questions are advanced level.
    • Additionally, Product-Based companies ask advanced-level coding questions.

Start with C and C++. As the programming MCQs are based on these languages most of the time.

Relevant Links for C and C++:-

2. Java and Python

As a CSE grad, you should know more than one programming language. We recommend going for Java or Python (as these are some of the most popular languages) once you are done with C and C++.

Between Java and Python, you are free to pick either depending on your area of interest. If you are looking for front-end or back-end roles then go for JAVA. If you are interested in Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence then go for Python.

Relevant Links for JAVA and Python:-

3. Hands-On Coding

The questions include a problem statement and you need to write the code for the same. The complexity of the questions varies from company to company. For service-based companies, the questions are of medium complexity. While product-based company questions are complex. For example, Zoho asks the candidates to design products, like a ticket printing website, or food delivery app.

You can find expected questions for the placement process on our Top 100 codes page.

Relevant Links for Hands-On Coding

3. Group Discussion

Group Discussion Rounds put different candidates together in a group of 8-10. Then a topic is given and the candidates have to speak in favor or against it. This round tests communication skills and how you are conveying your points to the audience.

Relevant Links for Group Discussion Round:-

4. Technical Interview

The technical Interview is the first of the interview rounds. As a CSE graduate, you have to focus on core subjects like DSA, DBMS, Operating Systems, OOPS, Computer Networking, etc.
Interviewers, especially in Product-Based Companies ask questions on Data Structures and Algorithms, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing, searching, sorting, etc.

Additionally, you should know about the latest technologies like Big Data, Blockchain development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Android Development, Web Development, etc.

Find the important links below:-

5. Techno-Managerial Interview

Managerial Round is optional in Service-Based Companies but is compulsory for Product-Based Companies. In Product-Based companies, it is known as the Techno-Managerial Round. Because the interviewer asks technical questions about mini and major projects.

Relevant Links for Managerial Round:-

6. HR Interview

HR Interview is the final round of interviews. Here the interviewer asks about educational experience, any previous work experience, and more about the personality.

Find the links below:-

Additional Skills:-

Apart from the general placement round preparations, you should also opt for upskilling. You can prepare these additional skills.

1. Competitive Coding

If you are targeting coding competitions like InfyTQ, Codevita, etc., then you need to work on Competitive Coding.

Relevant Links for Competitive Coding

2. Digital Technologies

As a CSE student, companies will expect you to know all about at least one digital technology. If you have projects related to the same it serves as an additional bonus. Technologies that are in demand right now:-

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • NLP and Deep Learning

Note:- Try to avoid starting web development unless you have a good one year time for preparation. As web development is a lengthy course.

3. Interview Puzzles

Puzzles are commonly asked in the Managerial Round and HR Round of most companies. The aim of asking these questions is to see how a candidate thinks and solves unconventional problems.

Check Relevant Links:-

Following the above content and preparation guides, you can crack the placement of every major Service-Based and Product-Based company (which hires freshers). 


You can do your revision for the companies, by visiting the All-Company Dashboards on our website.

Relevant Links for Revision 

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FAQs on "How to Prepare for Placements CSE"

Question: What should I study for computer science placements?


Focus on Aptitude, Logical, Verbal questions. Additionally, practice the fundamental concepts of CSE.

Question: What language is best for campus placements?


C/C++ is mostly preferred for placements.