HirePro Success Stories

Name – Tarun Balasaria

College – VIT, Vellore

Company – ZS Associates(Package – 5.5lpa)

HirePro Percentile – 94%

Success Story

I was moderate at coding. Luckily ZS didn’t have any coding round in the placement process. The first round was taken through HirePro for which I had studied from PrepInsta, it really helped me with the pattern and understanding how questions will be.

2nd Round was a case study where I was asked for analytics based decision driving sales of a shop eg. location, demographics, purchasing power etc.

3rd Round was to visualise all these decisions using an RDBMS tables and followed by HR round.

I thank PrepInsta for helping me almost 30% of questions in the test were repeated from here so I had more time solving other 70% problems which were of the same pattern, I will recommend anyone to prepare from PrepInsta.com

Name – Deepali Dani

College – JIIT, Noida

Company – JP Morgan & Co.(8LPA)

HirePro Percentile – 87%

Success Story

JP Morgan was my dream company and getting into it was due to a lot of people. My college faculty, friends, websites like mygeekmonkey and PrepInsta.

The modules at prepinsta were really helpful and also helped me with the puzzle section asked in JP Morgan. The question paper and pattern helped me a lot to ready myself for the process.

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