Recursive Relationship in DBMS

Understanding recursive relationship in DBMS

In this blog we will try to understand how recursive relationship works in DBMS.


Recursive  Relationship in DBMS

  • A relationship represents the association between two are more entities
  • The relationship also shows the different entity sets that are participating in a relationship, these relationships very much useful analyzing the design process of the system

We have observed unary, binary n-ary, recursive, ternary relationships in a database design schema. Here  we will discuss how  recursive relationship exists

Types of Relationships in DBMS recursive

Recursive relationship

  • Relationship between two entities of the same type is called recursive relationship,
  • A Recursive relationship is nothing but, simply an entity is having a relationship with self

Example of recursive Relationship

  • The person who is a supervisor for many other employees also come under employees category
  • Student can be a class monitor and handle other students but a person who is working as a class leader is itself a student of the class and hence a class monitor has a recursive relationship of entity student 

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