What is the Good Score and Validity Of CoCubes Test?

What Is The Minimum Good Score For Better Opportunity?

Are you searching for the better opportunity?

CoCubes is one of the best platform for the Freshers to get their Dream Job. The common question for CoCubes is What Is The Minimum Good Score For Better Opportunity? Your answer is 560 is termed as the good score in CoCubes.

CoCubes Pre-assess Test Validity

What is the Validity and CoCubes 2020-21?

CoCubes Pre- assess 2020-21 is a platform  which has many benefits. Below we will discuss all the other benefits and validty of CoCubes Test-

  1. CoCubes Score is validity is for 1 year.
  2. A candidate is eligible to take the test any number of times.
  3. 200+ companies uses CoCubes platform their Recruitment.
  4. Identifies your strengths and weakness.
  5. Get certified for your skills

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COCubes Good Score
Above 560
CoCubes Validity
1 Year
Minimum CoCubes Score
Avg. Package
~4 Lpa
Minimum Score for CS/IT Jobs
Minimum Score for ECE/EEE Jobs
Minimum Score for CE/ME Jobs

Additional Information (FAQ's)

How many times can we give CoCubes?

There is no limitation as of now. You can give it for mutiple times i.e multiple Pre-Assess Retakes. But for each retake you have to pay an amount from INR 499 to INR 575.

What Is The Validity of CoCubes Pre-assess test?

CoCubes is one of the best platform to get Job of your choice.  More than 200 companies uses CoCubes as their platform of hiring. The validity of Cocubes Pre-assess Test is 1 year.

How many times are we allowed to give cocubes test in a year ?

It can be given any number of times. Just that there must be a minimum gap of 14 days.

What is the minimum good score in CoCubes for better opportunity?

Cut off score of CoCubes Constantly varies for each company. But in general 530 is considered as a minimum score in CoCubes for better opportunities.