Best Websites for Placement Preparation

Best Websites to Prepare for Placements

Placement preparation can be hectic, and often students are confused where to start from. Here we have listed the best websites for placement preparation and why you should check them out. Go through the list and start your placement preparation.

best aptitude websites for placements

Which Websites Are Best For Placements?

There are a number of websites that offer placement preparation materials. Therefore it becomes very confusing for students to pick one from. Here we have listed out the best placement websites with relevant content to help in placement preparations.

Best Websites for Placement Preparation

Below we have listed the seven best websites for placement preparation for students. Check out these pages and start your preparation.

1. PrepInsta

At PrepInsta you will find the complete package for placement preparation. This includes aptitude, logical, verbal, programming as well as interview preparation materials. Some of the highlights of PrepInsta include:-

2. GeekForGeeks

GeekForGeeks is one of the oldest and reputed website for placement preparation. You can visit this website, to prepare for your coding rounds. They have one of the largest database of coding materials in the form of articles and quizzes. They have diverse range of questions from easy to tough. 

3. IndiaBIX

IndiaBIX is a popular website among students. It has extremely helpful content for aptitude preparation. Students preparing for government entrance exams will find relevant content on IndiaBIX. IndiaBIX has sections on General Aptitude, Verbal and Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Puzzles, etc.

4. HackerRank

HackerRank is an online coding platform. Here, you can learn to code and solve challenges to increase your skills. They also have many hackathons that you can participate in. Many software companies hire students from HackerRank based on their performance on the platform. On HackerRank’s jobs page, you will find many coding tests posted by various companies that are hiring. 

5. Codeforces

Codeforces is one of the oldest competitive coding platforms available. It offers daily challenges for programmers. This includes beginner and advanced level challenges.

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor provides its users with reviews about companies. It is a great website for researching about companies and deciding which company to opt for. It also provides information about salary and benefits offered by different companies.

7. PrepInsta Prime

PrepInsta Prime offers 200+ courses under one subscription for placement preparation and upskilling. This includes courses on :-

8. LeetCode

LeetCode is another popular platform to practice coding questions. It has both paid and free materials to prepare from. Anyone looking to better themselves at coding should check out this site.

Important Exams for Placements​


CoCubes is a popular employability assessment exam. Any engineering or MBA graduate can apply for this exam. Companies like Flipkart, and Amazon hire through this platform.

Check Out:- CoCubes Dashboard


eLitmus or hiring potential test is an assessment test for engineering and MCA/ME students. Through this exam companies like Microsoft, HCL, and Intel hire.

Check Out:- eLitmus Dashboard


AMCAT is an adaptive AI-based test. Anyone can apply for it. With a score 550-600 on AMCAT, one can get placed in Uber, Coca Cola and more.

Check Out:- AMCAT Dashboard

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Checkout list of all the video courses in PrepInsta Prime Subscription

Checkout list of all the video courses in PrepInsta Prime Subscription