Best Websites for Placement Preparation

Best Websites for Placement Preparation

From Online shopping to Online classes we all are well compatible with Internet and its stuff. We want everything Online these days and so the Online classes. Within a very short period of time Online classes have made a good control and it is the most easiest and compatible method for the students.

If you will search any topic you will get 100+ websites giving the answer for the same and here comes the most tough part to choose the best website for you. Don’t worry you will get all your answers here on this page itself. Scroll down and know more about Best Websites For Placement Preparation.

Best Websites For Placement Preparation

Best Website For Placement


In this post, we will be discussing which is better for you? Here mentioned few top searched sites for Placement Preparation:

  1. PrepInsta
  2. IndiaBix
  3. GeeksforGeeks
  4. Hackerank
  5. CodeForces
  6. Glassdoor
  7. LeetCode

Important Exam For Placement:

Mentioned below few exams which one can opt to get placed in good companies:


If you are looking for a core Job then CoCubes will help you in this. It is one of the best platform for Graduate and Undergraduate placement. CoCubes shares a partnership with more than 500+ companies.


This is a platform which will help you in get placed in your dream company with higher package. More than 50,000 freshers get placed via eLitmus test.


AMCAT is one of the best Employability Test for the graduate or under graduate candidates.

Best Websites For Placement Preparation For Students


PrepInsta “Most Visited Jobs and Skill website“. If you are looking for a complete package for Placement preparation then go for it. PrepInsta provides you Interview Preparation, Recruitment Process, Prime Mock, Prime Videos and Royal Pass. This is very informative site and if you are looking for specific Company preparation then definitely give it a chance.


If you are looking for Aptitude Questions only then you can visit Indiabix. Indiabix serves Aptitude Questions along with Answers. They serves a complete section for Aptitude question and Answer. Aptitude part contains Topic-wise questions of Quants, Logical and Verbal.  Aptitude plays very important role in Recruitment and if you are weak with this section then Indiabix is a great platform.


GeeksforGeeks is the answer to your questions related to Programming and Interview. This site is basically serving students and helping them in Computer Science section. GeeksforGeeks provides articles on Computer Science, Machine Learning, Programming etc. The explanations they provide are quite well and if you are for looking for Programming related courses and then this site would be very helpful for you.


Hackerank is basically a platform for Coding Questions and Answers. If you are good with Coding then this platform will help you to achieve your dream job. Many companies have a tie up with Hackerank platform and conduct their Recruitment process. This platform will first train you and also used as a platform. If you are good with coding you can opt this site as well.


Coodeforces is a webiste used to conduct competitive programming Tests. Programs run under are Codeforces Rounds contest which will be of 2 hours, solve previous test questions and will also help you in getting placed in companies. Codeforces also includes challenge/hacks etc. Opting Codeforces if you are looking for Coding related exams is a good call.


Glassdoor is a site where you can find review about several companies post, and even company review as well.
They provide you pros and cons along with pie chart to make it understand in simpler way.


LeetCode is a site to practice Coding Questions along with a Answer. LeetCode materials are mostly free but they have one more program name LeetCode Premium. If you are looking for a site to have a strong command only in the coding section then you can give a chance to LeetCode.

Best Websites For Placement Preparation For Students