Best Books for Aptitude Preparation

aptitude preparation books

Best Aptitude Books

Check out the best aptitude books listed out on this page. You can prepare for your aptitude tests by referring these books.

Best Books to Prepare for Aptitude

Aptitude is very important when you start preparing for placements. Often, students neglect aptitude in favor of coding and technical questions. This troubles them gravely during placements.

We would recommend you to prepare aptitude early and give it equal attention like coding.

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aptitude roadmap

Best Books for Aptitude Preparation

Find the best aptitude books t prepare for placements listed out on this page. These books are extremely beginner friendly and will help you study for the aptitude questions that are generally asked in placement rounds.

1. Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal

  • Author:- RS Agarwal
  • Price:- Rs 500

This book targets a wide range of questions which cover syllabus of entrance exams of various colleges and placement exams as well.

RS agarwal aptitude book

2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Varma

  • Author:- Rajesh Verma
  • Price:- Rs 400

This book extensively covers the syllabus for all the competitive examinations like SBI, IBPS, PO, SSC, CDS, UPSC, etc. The questions are divided into two grades:- Basic Level and High Level. It also has a compilation of Basic Concepts and Short Tricks to solve aptitude questions.

fast track objective arithmetic book

3. Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

  • Author:- Arun Sharma
  • Price:- Rs 900

This book is dedicated to quantitative aptitude that is asked in Common Admission Test (CAT) , required for MBA admissions. The book is divided into blocks, and the questions are segregated based on the difficulty level into two or three stages. This book is very good for practicing the questions last minute.

aptitude for cat by arun sharma

4. Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning by Shyam Saraf and Abhilasha Swarup

  • Author:- Shyam Saraf and Abhilasha Swarup
  • Price:- Rs400

This book offers excellent explanations and practice questions for revision. It covers topics like algebra, geometry,  and is highly recommended for students preparing for SSC and other banking entrance examinations. 

quantitative aptitude book

5. General Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by Disha Experts

  • Author:- Disha Experts
  • Price:-Rs 300

This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone preparing for competitive exams like SSC, banking, NRA, CET, and other such exams. It offers a wide range of syllabus covering important topics that are asked in competitive exams.

aptitude book by disha expert
how to prepare for aptitude in placements
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