Application of Queue in Data Structure

Application of Queue


Queue is one of the basic user defined linear data structures. It seems to be pretty basic, but it certainly has various applications in real life problem solvings and in variety of scenarios. In this article we are going to discuss the various application of queue in data structures.

Application of Queue in Data Structures | PrepInsta
App of Queue

What is Queue?

Queue is a data structure where you can add any kind of and store then in a FIFO (first in first out) manner.

If you want to discuss the inbuilt Queue in C++ STL : Queue in C++ STL

Applications in Real life scenario and Technologies

There are some real life examples where we implement a queue. These can be,

  • Job scheduling.
  • Key board Buffers.
  • Request priority of users or consumers in a website or company.
  • Round Robin Mechanism.

and lots of things.

Application of Queues

Applications in Competitive Programming 

If you want to be a competitive coder, enough reasons are there for you to understand every aspect of queue and apply itto solve problems in a optimised way.

  • There are certain problems where you can make your solution optimised regarding time or space or both with the use of a queue or more.
  • Any algorithm that demands for a FIFO holding of variables will be a perfect example for applications of queue.

Also in Graph theory, you can do whole lot of things using queue, like :

and many more.
Applications of Queue

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