Why C is a middle level language

C is a general purpose high-level language most popular amongst coders, it is the most compatible, easy to learn and effective programming language. It is a successor of B language that came out way back in the 70s and has been the most popular programming language ever since.

Why C is a middle level language?

C is a middle level language because its bind  the gap between machine level language and high level language.it can be used for both, system programming (like as operating system) as well as application programming (like as spreadsheet). Middle level language are more related to machine as well as human language. So that’s why it is called “Middle level language”.

C language merges the best element of high level language with the rule and flexibility of assembly language.C allows the manipulation of bits and addresses and bytes .


  • It is  also supports high level language features.
  • It is static typing.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Virtual machines.
  • Middle level language are closely related to machine language as well as human language.
  • It is user friendly as compared to previous language.
  • Efficiency is increased.
  • It is reusable.
why c is a middle level language

 We have languages that are classified in three categories:-

Higher level language:- 

A higher level language(HLL)  would be the language that we humans speaks like simple English.HLL is more closer to humans than it is to machines.

C is only a programming language which can be used in Device drivers, to create programs or software to access Hardware Level.

BASIC, C,C++,java are such examples of high level language.

Machine language:-

 A machine language is a computer can understand like binary (1s and 0s) or bits.machine language is the only language a computer can understand called machine language.this language is also known as Low Level Language. This is a very tough language. This language was not used when High level language was not developed.

Example:- 00101101,10101111,01111111 (binary digit) .

                  45,175,127 (Non-binary digits) .

 Assembly language:-

 Assembly language is a programming language which lies in between high level language and binary language just like C. C uses simple words from English like for, if, while, include and also symbols like +, ++, <, %, & to carry out tasks and to interact with our computer.this is also known as Middle Level language. In this language we use simple english words to write a program.

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