Introduction to C Programming

Introduction of C

C is procedural and high level structured oriented programming language.C is used for general purpose was developed by Dennis Ritchie in between 1969 and 1973.It is simple and flexible.


Introduction to C Programming


  • C was invented to write everything from operating system like Oracle database,Git and more.
  • We can say that, C is a base for the programming .if you know about “C” language ,you can easily get the knowledge of other programming languages uses the concept of C.

 Some facts about “C”

  • C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in between 1969 and 1973.
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) had organized the C language in 1988.
  • C was invented to write from operating system.
  • Linux,Oracle database,PHP are written in C.

Application of  C language

  • It is used in writing embedded software.
  • It is used for creating system application,
  • Database system
  • Operating system
  • Compilers and assemblers
  • Interpreters
  • The core parts of UNIX,WINDOWS are written using the C language.
  • It is used to create graphical application.
  • It is used in network drivers.
  • Used in text editors.


  •  It is case sensitive.
  • It is highly portable language.
  • Programs written in c language efficient and fast.
  • It is easy to understand.  
  • C language is procedure oriented language.


  • It does not have any concept of destructor and constructor.
  • C++ is developed because C does not have concept of oops.
  • Lack of exception handling.
  • It does not have concept of namespace.

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