Off Campus Set 2

Name: Karishma Tanna

College: Amity University, Jaipur

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I applied for the post of Data Analyst at ZS associates through my CoCubes score. For preparing for the interview process of ZS, I went through its PrepInsta Dashboard and some other online interview tutorials.

CoCubes Written Paper

More than 400 students enrolled for this paper. The paper was very long. There were four sections in the paper:

Name of the section Time ( per section) Number of questions(per section) Difficulty Level
Quantitative Analysis 70 minutes 20 Medium
English 70 minutes 20 Medium
Logical Reasoning 70 minutes 20 High
Data Analytics 70 minutes 20 High


The results for the CoCubes paper were announced within a week. I scored 85 percentile on average. Therefore, I was eligible to apply for ZS Associates. After ten days I received an email from the company that my application has been shortlisted and I have to visit the ZS campus for further interview process.

Face to Face Interview

There were three rounds, two technical and one HR.

Interview Round 1

I was given a case study of ABC firm that was planning to set its market in India. I had to form the business plan for the company. After this, he gave me some problems related to probability and statistics. After every question, he was noting down something on a sheet of paper. After this, he asked me about my final year project. So, I gave a brief description about the project and explained the approach that I followed. At last, he asked me if I had any questions. I said no, and left.

Interview Round 2

I was called in the cabin for the second round. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and while he went through the notes made by the 1st interviewer. He asked me to give an example from my day to day life where I used my logic to solve a particular problem. Then he gave me a hypothetical situation that you have two equally high priority tasks, and you have to finish both in the same day, which one will you pick first and why. Then I was asked to explain the approach I followed in the business plan I made for the ABC firm. More so, the interviewer gave me some verbal puzzles to see my logic. At last, he asked about my academic career and then asked me to move to the HR cabin for the next round. I smiled and left the cabin.

HR Round

I was sitting outside the HR cabin and was waiting for my turn. After 45 minutes I was called inside. He asked me to take a seat and asked me how my previous rounds went. Then he asked for my CV and asked some questions about my hobbies and lifestyle. The interviewer asked if I had any experience in the Data Analyst industry. Then he explained to me the selection criteria’s and the policies of the company. He gave me the company’s marketing plan and asked me to study it and explain it and suggest if some improvements needed. After giving it a thorough read, I described the graphs. He seemed impressed with my strategic skills. Then he asked me about the salary expectations and if I was okay with relocation. After this, he asked if I had any doubts about the company or in any previous rounds as well. I asked some questions, and then I left. He told me that the results will be announced in a week or two and will be emailed to me.

After eight days I received an email saying I was selected for the post of Junior Data Analyst at ZS Associates.