On Campus Set 1

  • Name: Ria Sharma
  • College: Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I was very excited when our TPO announced that this year VMware Inc. would also conduct a placement drive in our college. To apply for the drive, we had to register on the college website for the online paper. While preparing for the paper, I referred to the previous year test papers available on PrepInsta Dashboard. In the complete interview process of VMware, there were two rounds, 1 Online test paper which was the qualifying round, and 2nd was a set of two face to face interview rounds.

Online Round

The platform they used was HirePro. There were four sections in this paper, Aptitude (fundamental quants questions such as Number system, Set Theory, Percentages, and Average), Computer Science (questions on Operating system, Database, Memory I/O Management), Computer Programming basic codes on C and C++), and Coding Section. There was just 1 question in the coding section. The question I got was Determine whether a given number is an Armstrong number or not. The total time allotted for the paper was 90 minutes. There was a sectional cut-off between the coding section and the other three sections. To move forward to the next round, I had to clear the cut-off of both these sections. I scored 75%in the first section and my code in the coding section executed perfectly, so I moved forward to the next round which was the face to face interview round.

Face to Face Interview

There were two sections in this round, 1 Technical Round, and 1 HR Round.

Technical Round (Duration 1.5 Hours)

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, till then he went through my CV. Then he asked me some questions about my final year major project. Then he asked me what are you good at? To which I answered Cloud Computing, and JAVA, as I had done certifications in EMC Cloud Computing Associate and OCJP. Then he began to ask me certain questions on JAVA, and cloud computing such as,

* What are the benefits of cloud computing?

* Difference between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

* What is JVM?

* What do you know about Nova Compute?

* Why are Hybrid Clouds so important?

Then he gave me some codes such as Egg Dropping Puzzle, Circular Linked List, and Sieve of Eratosthenes and asked to write their algorithms. After this, he asked me some questions on operating system and database,

* What is deadlock and how will you prevent it?

* Explain Normalization.

* What are inner joins and outer joins?

* Explain the Banker’s algorithm.

Then I was asked to write the code on how to delete and duplicate the elements from a circular linked list. At last, he asked me about Belady’s Anomaly, and then the interview was over.

After the Technical Round was over, only 25 students were selected out of 200 for the HR interview round.

HR Round (Duration 30 minutes)

As my name was called for the interview, I entered the cabin and greeted the interviewer. He asked me to introduce myself and asked how my technical round went. Then he asked about my hobbies and interests. He also asked whether I am good at front end designing or back-end coding? He gave me some hypothetical situations related to data warehouses that if a warehouse is destroyed or because of some mishappening data is lost, how will you retrieve all the data? At last, he asked some general questions that how will you be beneficial for us, and what do you know about VMware, and if selected how you will be beneficial for us. Finally, he asked me if I had any questions regarding the company or the job profile. I asked certain questions, and then I left.

After an hour the HR came and handed the offer letter to me and to other seven students who were selected and said Welcome to the VMware.