Off Campus Set 1

  • Name: Raman Raghav
  • College: Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: OFF-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I applied for the VMware Inc. through the referral drive. One of our family friend’s son is working at VMware Pune. He sent me the referral code through which I applied for the drive. I had to submit my CV to the internal portal of VMware. There were three rounds in this drive, Written Round, Telephonic Round, and the Face to Face Interview Round. I referred to PrepInsta Dashboard to prepare for the drive. It had all the solved and unsolved questions related to VMware.

Written Round

I took the written test from home. I had to register through the referral code for the paper. The only specification was that the screen and the audio jack should be switched on, as the screen was recorded. There were four sections in the paper, and the total time limit was 90 minutes.

Section Number of questions in individual sections Distribution of Marks Distribution of Time Difficulty Level

Aptitude 10 1 15 Medium


Science 12 1 30 High


Programming 15 1 15 Medium

Coding 1 30 30 High

The results for the written round were declared within a week. I scored 87 percentile and was eligible for the further interview processes. After a week I received an email regarding the Telephonic Round. I had to specify the appropriate time for the interview.

Telephonic Round

This was a 1-hour session. The interviewer asked me some of the basic questions from the operating system, computer networking, and data structures. Some of the questions were,

* Differentiate between a process and a thread.

* Name the layers in the OSI model.

* What is a DHCP server?

* Is there any difference between an array and linked list?

* How will you implement stack and queue?

* What is a deadlock?

* Explain the concept of Virtual Memory.

Then the interviewer gave me some hypothetical situation and asked me what data structure will I use to solve the problem and why. After the session was over, the interviewer told me, that the scorecard would be sent to my registered email id within 2-3 days. After 3 days, I received a congratulations email along with my scorecard and the hall ticket for the face to face interview attached. The face to face interview was to be held at VMware office Bengaluru after one week.

Face to Face Interview

Technical Round (Duration 1.5 Hours)

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself, while he went through my resume. He asked me some basic questions about my degree and what I did in past six months. Then he asked me some questions about my major project and asked me to explain it through the ER diagram. He asked me what my forte is? To which I answered data structures and operating system. He began from the easy questions such as,

* How is a deadlock created?

* Explain the Push and Pop operations.

* How do you implement a circular linked list?

* Explain deque.

Then he increased the difficulty level. He drew a binary tree and asked me to find its breadth and height. I was asked to write the logic of cross-site scripting. He also asked me some questions on DBMS and Networking,

* What is Normalization?

* Explain the Banker’ Algorithm.

* What is the difference between a unique key and a primary key?

* Explain Piggybacking.

* What is ARP?

In the end, he asked me some SQL queries, and then the interview ended. He asked me to move to the adjacent cabin for the HR Round. According to me, the Technical round went well, so I was quite happy.

HR Round (Duration 30 minutes)

The interviewer thoroughly studied my CV and then the interview session began. She asked me about the various certifications I have done, and about fields in which I have interest. Then she asked me some questions about my major project and what was my role in it. Then she gave me some situations such as if we are unable to fulfill the client’s requirement within the deadline, then how will I deal with the client. She asked me about my future plans, and if was comfortable in relocation. At last, she asked me how I will prove myself to be an asset to the company. Finally, she asked me if I had any questions regarding the company and work. I didn’t have any questions then so I just said a no, smiled and left.

2 hours later the HR announced the names of the selected candidates and luckily i was one of them. I was very happy and accepted the offer letter then and there.