Stress And It’s Effects On Youth

Essay Writing – Stress and Its Effect on Youth

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Stress and its effect on Youth

Stress and its effects on Youth

  • Firstly, what is stress? Stress is the state of mind in which a person is suffering from mental tension. It can come from anything or thought around us that makes us feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. I think stress is the main reason why many young people today are falling apart in their lives. The definition of stress is the pressure or tension applied over an object. There are many things that cause stress. Some of them are failing a test, too much homework and projects, sports practices, deadlines of projects, and worrying about something. Because of this, they are likely to feel even more upset that they come across these effects of stress.
  • Stress affects many young people and causes them to do crazy things like committing crimes, dropping out of school, suicide, etc. I think the best way to deal with stress is to either think positive thoughts or just say the feeling to a friend and share experiences while smiling. If their stress is continuous youth people may also face critical health problems such as heart disease, sleeping problems, depression, and obesity.
Stress and its effects on Youth
  • As a school student, the main cause of stress for you may be attending school. Because students are given tons of homework, projects, essays, and tests. every single day. Not only that, most of the due dates of these assignments are close to each other which causes me to feel so much concern. This same way affects university students as well when teachers give a lot of homework and have also to complete assignments and also have to study for exams. I have faced these things during my university life.
  • As a result, I have to be working and studying 24/7 at school and at home. I scarcely have leisure time for myself whether it would be watching TV/ movie, reading a storybook, listening radio, or going shopping. I know that I should not be complaining as much because I decided to enroll myself in all honors classes. Most of the time, if we, are stuck at a certain point, we feel like having extensions for work deadlines.
  • I think as students we should deal with these things and relax, practice good time management, and simply do our best to accomplish our goals. After all of the success, we will pay off and benefit my future in the end. This is the only goal remaining for students.