TCS Written Test Pattern 2019

Written Test Pattern for TCS

The written test pattern for TCS has seen many changes throughout many years. But, this year in 2018 there was the most important change. Since, TCS has increased the focus on Coding or Technical skills for the student.

tcs written test pattern 2018

Latest Online Test Pattern for TCS

TCS which is essentially a service based company or in other words an IT company for many many years had allowed Non CSE/IT students to appear for the test and the test was nuetral for all branches and consisted only of Quantitative round.

But, now even though TCS still allows non CSE/IT branches to appear for its written test but, the test now has coding and technical part in it as well.

  1. Written Round
    1. Quants
    2. Verbal English
    3. C MCQ Questions/Programming Logic (New)
    4. Coding Coding (New) 
  2. Interview
    1. Technical Interview
    2. Managerial Interview
    3. HR Interview

Earlier there used to be command line programming and email writing which has been removed instead of that there now is English Verbal MCQ and Coding in C, C++, Java, Python and Perl.

Quants Test Pattern

In this section there are 20 questions of which 18 are essentially 1 mark questions and 2 are 2 mark questions. These 2 marks questions are marked with a Red Star before the questions and generally called as star marked questions.

Also, this is the only section that has negative marking. Non star mark questions have -0.33 marks as negative marking and star marked questions have -0.66.

Topics asked in this section are general Quants questions (detailed syllabus can be found on this page here)

email Writing Test Pattern

eMail writing sections was essentially introduced to check if future TCS employees can write perfect emails to clients with proper salutations, punctuation and Grammar.

Since, it was observed that a good email is directly linked to TCS clients confidence in TCS. Many cases were observed where TCS lost projects where even Managers wrote incorrect English or Grammar in emails and it gave a very bad impression to the client and confidence of clients in TCS to deliver perfect IT products was lessened.

So, now TCS conducts this email writing test to only recruit students who are good in English and Grammar and know how to write a professional email.

There is only 1 Question in this section and 10 mins are given.

An Example Question for the same would be –

Question – 

You are the project manager and you took Billy to your project for delivering a service. Using the following phrases write an E-mail thanking Billy for completing your project work.

Accepting join – project months’ time – location constraints – flexibility – hard work –technical expertise invaluable – high complexity task – co-operating – deliver service –critical moment – deadlines – saviour – look forward – to working with you – all the best


Dear Billy,

I thank you for accepting my request to join our project for a month despite location constraints. I appreciate your flexibility and hard work. Your technical expertise proved invaluable to us when we had a high complexity task to be delivered. Thank you for co-operating with the team to deliver this service at the critical moment when we were chasing deadlines. You were a saviour and I look forward to working with you in near future. All the best!

TCS C MCQ Pattern

Again, this section checks candidate’s ability to code. There are 10 questions in this section and 20 mins are given to solve.

In the C MCQ section now there is DSA and Object Oriented Concepts also.

Most of the questions in this section would be simple C questions to predict the output of the given code, or to find error in the code snippet. We have all the previously asked questions for this section which you can find our TCS C MCQ Dashboard.

TCS Coding or Command Line Pattern

While most of you would think that this would be a general coding section where you will be asked to write a code for problem and you have to fetch the output.

However, this is not the case. Its not as simple as it looks.

There is a different type of coding which is called Command Line Argument Coding which is different than normal C or C++ coding. You have to write code in command line arguments, which you have to learn from scratch.

You can find all the details about this on our Command Line Arguments Coding Dashboard.

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