TCS Selection Procedure and Placement Process for Freshers 2018

TCS Selection Process for Freshers 2018

TCS Selection process 2018 for freshers has just changed recently and a higher focus is given to select freshers who know coding. Which is why two new sections called as C Programming MCQ and Command line programming section. This post will clear all you questions about TCS Placement Process for Freshers.

Also, make note that questions given on our TCS preparation Dashboard are repeated by as much as 80% in the exam.

TCS Placement Process 2018 and TCS Selection process 2018 for Freshers

TCS Placement Process 2018 for Freshers

TCS has the following rounds in placement process –

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview
  • Managerial Interview
  • HR Interview

The written Round has the following sections – English test, Aptitude test, C MCQ test, Coding or Command Line Programming Test.

Verbal English

  1. Number of questions – 10
  2. Time – 10 mins
  3. Negative Marking – Yes

Example – 

Once upon a time there ———————- (live) a man called Damocles. A friend of his eventually ——————— (become) the ruler of a small city. Damocles thought, ‘How lucky my friend ——————— (be). He ——————— (be) now a ruler. He must ——————- (have) a great time. He —————– have fine clothes, lots of money and a number of servants. I wish I —————– (have) his luck.’ He ——————– (decide) to visit his friend to enjoy his hospitality. When he —————— (reach) the palace, the king himself ——————– (receive) him with respect and affection. Damocles then ———————- (tell) the king that he ———————- (be) indeed a lucky man. The king ——————- (smile). He —————– (invite) his friend to have dinner with him.


Once upon a time there lived a man called Damocles. A friend of his eventually became the ruler of a small city. Damocles thought, ‘How lucky my friend is. He is now a ruler. He must be having a great time. He must have fine clothes, lots of money and a number of servants. I wish I had his luck.’ He decided to visit his friend to enjoy his hospitality. When he reached the palace, the king himself received him with respect and affection. Damocles then told the king that he was indeed a lucky man. The king smiled. He invited his friend to have dinner with him.

Aptitude Test for Freshers Placement Process

Set 1

  • Probability
  • Clocks and Calendar
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Number System and HCF & LCM

Tips for this section –

  • Number of Questions: 3-4 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Low-Medium
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 20-30 Sec

Set 2

  • Percentages
  • Allegations and Mixtures
  • Ratios, Proportion and Averages
  • Work and Time
  • Series and Progressions
  • Time, speed, distance

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 7-8 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 30-40 Sec

Set 3

  • Equations
  • Reasoning
  • Geometry
  • Arrangements and Series

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 6-8 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 1min 30 Sec

Number of Questions – 20(18 + 2 Star Marked) TCS Questions

Time – 40 mins

Star Marked Questions have 2x more marks and have negative marking in TCS Quant Questions.

Non Star Marked Questions

  • Marks – 1 mark
  • Negative Marking – 0.33 mark

Star marked Questions

  • Marks – 2 mark
  • Negative Marking – 0.66 mark

Coding Placement Process Test

  • Number of Questions – 1
  • Total time to Solve – 20 mins
  • Difficulty Level – 1 Easy Questions
  • Cut-off – Solve 1 question completely or partial output.

Earlier Command Line Programming was used, but now you can use C, C++, Java and Python.

But still you must know command Line Programming as about 2 questions are asked in the Programming Logic/Technical MCQ Questions.

For TCS Command Line Arguments Programs let us consider this, if you wanted to write a basic C program then you would’ve written a main function that would’ve looked like – 

int main(){
// some code in Command Line Arguments Questions for TCS C Compiler

However in command line arguments we write like this – 

int main(int argc, char *argv[]){

  1. argc – It is know as Argument Count and as clear from the name it stores the Count of number of Arguments.
  2. argv[] – Pointer, contains location of all the values(arguments).
  3. *argv[] – Array of values of all the arguments.
  4. They are parameters/arguments supplied to the program when it is invoked.

Read more about Command Line Programming on our TCS command Line Programming Dashboard.

Interview Preparation

TCS Technical Check List given by HR’s to Technical Interviewer –

For CS/IT/MCA and other coding Domains –

  1. Try to stick to Technologies and Languages mentioned in Resume.
  2. Basic Questions on C / OOPS / Software Engineering / DSA i.e. you will necessarily be asked questions from these.
  3. If Resume mentions the any of the following -Basic Questions on DBMS / Computer Networks / Operating Systems, then ask questions on the same.
  4. Ask Questions about final year projects

For Non Coding Branches like EEE, Mech etc –

  1. Stick to Technologies and Languages mentioned in Resume.
  2. Very basic Questions on C / OOPS / other programming Language mentioned in Resume.
  3. Talk about Final year Projects – Can ask to make Circuit Diag / Diagrams / Formulas / Definitions only from topics related to Final year project of his respective Branch.
  4. Ask student about his favourite subject and ask basic questions on it.

The interview will give you points out of 10 for each of the following –

Technical (TR)

  • Command on Procedural Language i.e C
  • Command on any Object Oriented Language
  • Command on General Branch specific knowledge
  • Verbal Communication

Managerial (MR)

  • Time Management skills
  • Confidence
  • Outgoing and Friendly
  • Team Player and Collaborative

Human Resource (HR)

  • Relocation willingness
  • Culture Fit with TCS
  • Knowledge about TCS
  • Work ethics
  • Dress Code
  • Positive attitude
  • Motivation

Finally, all the scores are added and it is decided to select top X% of the students.

Fresher Experience shared by Candidate

  • Name: M.K. Satish Chowdary
  • College: G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College Kurnool
  • Branch: Information and Technology
  • Type of interview: Off Campus Interview

Student Interview

When the TCS placements started, our college placement officer shared a link to apply for the job through From this link, I received my hall ticket for test and the application form on 17 January.

The date assigned to me for my online test was 31st January at Sreyas Engineering and Technology College, Hyderabad. I started my preparation for the exam as soon as I received my exam details. I also started looking for previous questions to get an idea how to get selected for the exam. After a while, I came across PrepInsta Facebook page. I immediately sent them a message on Facebook and requested them to share TCS recent aptitude and programming questions. They quickly shared a document file with me containing 285 questions asked by TCS in their selection process. I started preparing for the written test only from the provided PrepInsta document.

The first round of TCS was made up of four sections. The first one among them was English section, followed by the aptitude test, programming concepts, and quantitative.

Round 1: Written Round

  • English

10 questions of very hard english questions which are impossible to solve itself, time is 10 mins.

  • Aptitude Test

This section contained 20 questions, out of which most of the questions were familiar as they were already present in the Prepinsta document. The rest of the questions were also not that tricky, and I had enough time to complete them. The time allocated for this section was 40 minutes, and every incorrect answer reduced 0.33 marks.

  • Programming Concepts

The next test section had some questions on programming concepts. This section had ten questions. Even in this section five question were from Prepinsta document. The programming round duration was also of 20 minutes.

  • Coding Test

The written test also included a coding test. I did not face many difficulties in attempting this section. I was good at coding and also had prepared some questions from the PrepInsta website.

On Feb 6, I received an email in which I was called for an interview round at MGIT Hyderabad on 10th Feb at 2:00 P.M. For this round, I was interviewed by three different people- MR, HR, and TR.

Round 2: Interview Round

After the writing test, I was ready for the face to face interview rounds. MR took the first one.

  • MR Interview

One of the questions that an MR asked me was, “If you want to start a company, what type it will be and what all constraints you will maintain”? To this, my answer was, “I would like to start an online shopping business like Amazon or Flipkart.” On this, she asked me some further questions.

  • TR Interview

The second was the TR interview in which the interviewer asked me questions about my technical skills. This round included questions on programming concepts such as

  • Java
  • Oops
  • Abstract classes
  • Access Modifier
  • Fibonacci Series
  • Palindrome Numbers

The technical round also included questions about the academic project I prepared during my last semester.

  • HR Interview

The final interview was taken by the company HR. Some of the questions asked were:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work at our company?
  • Why TCS?
  • What type of projects is it dealing with?

The HR round can be a tricky part of the selection process, hence needs to be mindful while answering the HR.