TCS Coding Questions 2022 Day 1 Slot 1

Coding Question 1 for 2022 (September slot)

In this article, we will discuss about the TCS Coding Question which is asked in the TCS placement test. This type of Coding Questions will help you to crack your upcoming TCS exam as well as during your inteview process.

TCS Coding Question 3 Day1 Slot1

TCS Coding Question Day 1 Slot 1 – Question 1

A chocolate factory is packing chocolates into the packets. The chocolate packets here represent an array arrt of N number of integer values. The task is to find the empty packets(0) of chocolate and push it to the end of the conveyor belt(array).


For Example:

N=7 and arr = [4,5,0,1.9,0,5,0].

There are 3 empty packets in the given set. These 3 empty packets represented as O should be pushed towards the end of the array


Example 1:


7  – Value of N

[4,5,0,1,0,0,5] – Element of arr[O] to arr[N-1],While input each element is separated by newline


4 5 1 9 5 0 0

Example 2:



— Value of N.

[6,0,1,8,0,2] – Element of arr[0] to arr[N-1], While input each element is separated by newline



6 1 8 2 0 0