TCS Email Writing Questions 28

Write email with the following information –

Three weeks – belong to XYZ project – closer to office – reach Seattle this Saturday – duration of stay – book hotel – travelers cheque or cash – ensure port of departure is Chennai -prefer transit via Frankfurt.

Dear sir,

This is to bring to your notice that the team members that belong to XYZ project need to report at our Delhi office by tuesday.
The members needs to reach Seattle this saturday.The duration of stay is three week and they need to book hotel closer to office
as early as possible.As soon as the products are ready to be dispatched it must be sent to India,please ensure port departure is Chennai and prefer transit via Frankfurt.
The payment for the dispatch of goods must be made by travelers cheque or cash.



Solution – 2

This is to inform you that the team members that belong to XYZ project need to reach Seattle this Saturday. They have meeting with clients on Monday morning. The duration of their stay will be of three days. please book the hotel in advance which is closer to office in Seattle. Please ensure that port of departure is Chennai and they prefer transit via Frankfurt. you can make payment for hotel booking through travelers cheque or cash. for any further queries you can contact me.