TCS email Writing Questions 22

Mail to a company requesting them to sponsor your college cultural festival.

pdf file – reputed institute – 10 days – 200 college – sparkling performance – extravaganza – sponsor the event – request appointment – brochure attached .

Dear Sir,

Please find attached a pdf file regarding information about the cultural festival of our college. Ours is a reputed institute of central India. We are organizing a 10 days festival in which 200 college students will be participating. There will be a sparkling performance by our college’s best dancer and musical and dance extravaganza will go on during the entire festival . We would be very grateful if you sponsor the event . I sincerely request appointment at your convenience for further discussion. Please find a brochure attached for more details regarding festival schedule and sponsorship categories.

Yours sincerely ,


Respected Sir,

I would like to tell you that our college is organizing a 10-day cultural fest in which 200 college will be participating with a lot of extravaganza.There will be alot of sparkling performance by all the college students.As u know that our college is a very reputed college of this city so we will be delighted if you sponsor our event .I have attached a pdf file and brochure with this mail which contains all the details about our event.So we would like to request a appointment with you to talk to you in detail.


Solution – 2

Respected Sir,

Our College is going to conduct cultural festival. The details of our college have been attached in a pdf file and are also a reputed institute among several colleges in our region. The fest will be around 10 days and about 200 colleges are going to participate in this event. There are also many sparkling performances and special extravaganza. So I request you to sponsor for this event and also request for an appointment to meet personally. The details of the fest have been attached in the brochure

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely


Solution 3

Dear Sir,

I would like to tell you that our college is organizing a cultural festival next month. The festival will be held at college premises for ten days. About 200 colleges are expected to participate in the various programs. As our college is a reputed institute of city, a sparkling performance with extravaganza is expected. So, we request you to sponsor this event.A brochure having all the related information has been attached in pdf format.
So,we request an appointment to talk on this in detail.