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There are 4 types of questions asked in exams

DIRECTIONS for questions: 

In the question below, the sales of TV and laptop in the subsequent years from 2004 to 2009 is given. The figures given to you is in million. Based on the figure answer the questions below.


Question 1.

Which year shows the highest percentage decrease in the total sales of the two items?

A. 2005

B. 2006

C. 2008

D. 2009

Ans: We need to first calculate the total sales of both the items in each of the years given above. The total sales will be:

YearTotal sales

Now, from the table, you can see the decrease in sales occurs only thrice during 2005, 2008, and 2009. So we will calculate percentage decrease for only these three years. For 2005 decrease in sales are 7.5 million. So, the percentage decrease from the previous year will be 7.5/45 x 100 = 16.6 %. Sales decreased by 10 million from 2007 to 2008. Thus, the percentage decrease will be 10/55 x 100 = 18.18 %. For 2009 the decrease is 5 million and so the percentage decrease will be, 5/45 x 100 = 11.11 %. So, the highest percentage decrease was noted in 2008 from 2007. So, the answer is C.

Question 2.

For the data series shown in the above figure, how many years have shown the decrease in sales for both the items in the same year?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

Ans: We need to find the decrease in sales for both the items given and that too during the same year. This only happens one time in the year 2001 where sales of TV decreases from 20 million to 10 million and sales of laptop decreases from 25 million to 22.5 million. So, the correct answer is A.

Question 3.

Which item and for which year shows the highest percentage increase in the sales in the previous year?

A. Laptop 2007

B. TV 2007

C. Laptop 2006

D. TV 2009

Ans: In this question, we need to find the increase in the percentage of the given items in comparison to previous years. Instead of checking all the years, we will only check percentage increase for the one given in the option. For laptop 2007, in the previous year, the sales were 30 million while in 2006 it was 25.5 so there is an increase of 4.5 million units. Therefore percentage increase will be 4.5/25.5 x 100 = 18%.

Similarly for TV 2007 it will be, 2.5/22.5 x 100 = 11.11 %. For Laptop 2006 it will be, 7.5/15 x 100 = 50 % and for TV 2009, it will be 5/25 x 100 = 20 %. So for laptop 2006, the percentage increase in sales is the highest. Thus, the correct answer is C.