How to solve Spider Web Chart Quickly

Solving Spider Web Charts Quickly  :

A radar chart is often a good choice if you need to plot a series of observations or cases with multivariate data. Each observation or case is represented by a polygon; and if they are shaded opaquely it is easy to see how they overlap and in which direction.

A radar chart is especially useful if:

  • You want to compare the general shape, reach and symmetry of the distribution of variables rather than specific quantities among observations,
  • You are working with a large number of variables,
  • You want a quick visual way of viewing quality data.

Even working with one observation, you may choose to use a radar chart if different scales of measurement make plotting your data on a bar graph difficult, or if your many variables make a bar graph look cluttered.

Directions to solve:

Question 1.

 What is the difference between the average sales of grade 1 and 2 in all 4 companies? 
a. 5 tonnes 
b. 10 tonnes 
c. 15 tonnes 
d. 20 tonnes 
e. 25 tonnes 

Solution :

Average sales of grade 1= (20+40+50+60)/4= 42.5 tonnes 
Average sales of grade 2= (40+60+20+110)/4= 57.5 tonnes 
Difference= 57.5-42.5= 15 tonnes. 

Question 2.

What is the difference between the total income of companies C and A? 
a. Rs. 1.05 million 
b. Rs. 10.05 million 
c. Rs.1005 million 
d. Rs. 1.05 crores 
e. Rs. 10.05 crores 

Solution :

 Total income of companies A= (75000*20) + (60000*40) = Rs.3900000 
Total income of companies C= (75000*50) + (60000*20) = Rs.4950000

Difference= Rs.1050000= Rs. 1.05 million.

Question 3.

  What percentage of the net income of company A is constituted by grade 1 tea? 
a. 50% 
b. 33.33% 
c. 25% 
d. 40% 
e. 38.46% 


Net income of company A= (75000*20)+(40*60000)= Rs.3900000 
  Grade 1 constitutes 38.46% ((150000/3900000)*100)