Set 4

Student’s Name: Ritu
College: RV college of Engineering, Bangalore
Subject: Computer Science
Type of Interview: On-Campus interview

Student interview
This year, during our last semester, L&T InfoTech conducted On-Campus placement drive in
our College. It was a perfect opportunity for me as I always wanted to work with L&T. I
started my preparations from PrepInsta, as my seniors referred this website as one of the best
platforms for getting placement related study material. I was eligible for the interviews as I
scored above 60% in 10th and 12th and I was having no backlogs or any due exams. The
selection process had four rounds.
Round 1- Written Test
We were told, that we will be given 120 minutes to finish the paper and there will be no
negative marking.

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I cleared the written exam, the difficulty level was moderate, and we were sent for the GD
round in the next room.
Round 2-Group Discussion
Many students made it to the GD round. The topic given to us was, “Technologies affecting
our daily lives.” All students were divided into teams; I was in the team where I had to speak
about the positive side of the technology. In this round the emphasis was laid on English
speaking skills and judicious use of words.
Round 3- Technical Interview
Few technical questions which was asked from me was:
 What are joints in DBMS?
 What is polymorphism explain it with an example?
 What is Deadloack, how can it be prevented?
 What is Belady’s Anomaly?
 WAP to for prime numbers.
 WAP to swap two numbers without using third variable.
I answered every question. I was able to see the positive signs from their ends, and I was
selected for the final HR round.
Round 4- HR Interview
The interviewer first asked me to describe myself in not more than four sentences. I described
myself nicely and confidently. Then he asked me whether I have a problem regarding the
change of place and office timings. I said that I was fine in both the situations. I was saked
some puzzles as well. In the end, they gave me many other small details about the company,
so I was left with no questions to ask.

After an hour, they called me inside and congratulated me for getting job in the company.