Set 3

NAME: Susan
College: BMS, College of Engineering, Bangalore
Subject: Electronics
Type of interview: On-campus interview

Student interview
Last year, L&T InfoTech conducted recruitment drive in our college. There was a selection criteria of the company; the process included five rounds. One had to clear all rounds to get placed in the company. As this information got circulated, me and my friends started our
preparations from PrepInsta website. The academic qualification for the placements process
required 60% or above in 10 th and 12 th , no pending backlogs. The recruitment process has four rounds:
1. Written Exam
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
Round 1- Written Exam Criteria
In the written exam pattern, the total time given was 120 minutes, and the positive point was,
there was no negative marking in the paper. For me, that was important information. It was
an aptitude test with the following sections:

[table id=557 /]

Round 2- Group Discussion
Students who have cleared the round 1 were eligible for GD. I was happy with this round, as I
am a good speaker. The topic given was, “How voice search optimization is overpowering
Search engine.” The essential thing they notice is how you speak, your gestures and your
English communication skills. You don’t have to shout for proving your points; just the
relevant lines can give you the attention. I cleared this round as well.

Round 3- Technical Questions Interview
The level of rounds was getting high, as the questions in this round were more technical. The
questions asked to me were:
 What is the use of a capacitor in PCB circuits?
 Draw the interface diagrams of one microcontroller.
 What is harmonic distortion?
 WAP for finding the second largest number in an array.
I gave the answers correctly, as my core subject was electronics and I was well-versed with
the concepts.

Round 4 – HR Interview
This round made me quite nervous, as I thought that they would ask me more Tech questions,
but it was a healthy discussion. They asked me about my personal life, and if I am fine in
shifting to other places. They asked me the reason that why they should appoint me. I told
them everything, my passion for electronics and my deepest desire to work with L&T
InfoTech. Even I asked few questions like what are the working schedules and other details;
they told me everything nicely.

Finally, after an hour, they called me inside the room, where interviews took place. They
announced few names, the second was my name I stepped forward, and they said you are
selected for the job.