Versions of Python

Versions of python

Different versions of Python

Python was released in 1991 and till then we have seen many different version of python. initially, when Python was launched it was in its 0.9.0 version and now 3.8 is the most stable for the developers. Whereas Community already started working on 3.9 and 3.10. In total, we have seen 25 Versions of Python.

Different Versions of

Every version has some bugs in it. Fixing those bugs and updating the source code is called developing the new version. Bugs like errors and also like not containing the updates which suits for latest applications. As we have talked in the above Paragraph about the 25 versionssof python so lets now have a look over them and see how the language evolved.

Some important Versions of python

Versionssof PythonDate of ReleaseFeatures
0.9.01991-02-20Exception Handling, Class Inheritance, Data types like List, Str, and Dict
1.41996-10-25Lambda, Map, Filter, Reduce, keyword argument, Built-in Support of Complex Numbers
2.02000-10-16Garbage collection,List Comprehension, Data hiding by name mangling
2.72010-07-03Pure object oriented approach, Generators, Warning Modes, and critical bugs were fixed
3.82019-10-14Assignment Expressions,Positional-only Parameters, New and Improved Modules
3.92020-10-05Coming Soon
3.102021-10-25Coming Soon

Code Snippet for python version  2.7

print "Enter your name"
name = raw_input()
age = raw_input("age >>>") 
print "Your name is",name,"and","and your age is",age

Code Snippet for python  version 3.8

name = input('Enter the name :')
age = int(input('Enter the age :'))
print('Name is ' + name + ' and age is ' + str(age))