IronPython :

IronPython is an excellent addition to the .NET Framework, providing Python developers with the power of the .NET framework. Existing .NET developers can also use IronPython as a fast and expressive scripting language for embedding, testing, or writing a new application from scratch.


Introduction :

  • IronPython is written entirely in C#, although some of its code is automatically generated by a codegenrator written in Python.
  • IronPython is implemented on top of the Dynamic Runtime Language (DLR), a library running on top of the Common Language Infrastructure that provides dynamic typing and dynamic method dispatch, among other things, for dynamic languages. The DLR is part of the .NET Framework 4.0 and is also a part of Mono since version 2.4 from 2009. The DLR can also be used as a library on older CLI implementations.

IronPyton vs CPython :

  • There are some differences between the Python reference implementation CPython and IronPython. Some projects built on top of IronPython are known not to work under CPython. Conversely,
  • CPython applications that depend on extensions to the language that are implemented in C are not compatible with IronPython , unless they are implemented in a .NET interop. For example, Numpy was wrapped by Microsoft in 2011, allowing code and libraries dependent on it to be run directly from .NET Framework.