Cpython vs Python

Python vs Cpython

Difference between Python and CPython

CPython is nothing but the implementation of the python language in the C programming language. CPython is defined as both interpreted and Compiled language it compiles the code into bytecode before interpreting it. The first version of CPython was released in 1994 by the community of python developers which was sponsored by Python Software Foundation. Let’s have a look at the comparison between CPython vs Python.

Difference between CPython and Python

AttributesPython ProgramingCPython Programing
AboutPython is the general-purpose interpreted programing language It is interactive, object-oriented and high level programing language.CPython is the implementation of python programing language in C programing language
EfficiencyAs python is interpreted language hence it is slower than compiled languagesCPython is faster than python as it is Compiled language
SyntaxPython syntax are simpler and easier to rememberCPython syntax is influenced by python version 2.x and are more similar but CPython is yet to support Python version 3.x
Type of LanguagePython is an interpreted language, and so python used an interpreter to convert python code to machine codeCPython is a compiled language, it compiles the code to the bytecode and then send the code to the interpreter.
Design GoalsPython language is designed as  a object-oriented, functional, and procedural languageCPython is implemented as superset of the python language, in addition it has capability to generate the Standard python modules.
ApplicationsWeb development, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, etcScientific and numeric computation, High traffic wedsites, Designing python modules, etc.

Python programming language

Python programing language is used in scientific areas like Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Data Science. Python was introduced in 1991 as a successor of ABC language and is still developing. Currently, we have 25 versions of python and 3.8 is the stable version used by developers. Python programming is easy to learn and also a clean language to understand. Various implementation of python programing language are as follows:

  • GUI
  • Web Scraping
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web development



CPython was released in the year 1994 by the python community sponsored by the Python Software Foundation. CPython is the implementation of the C programing language, which is written in C. CPython is a compiled language which converts the python code into the bytecode by compiling it then send the code to the interpreter. Thus the speed of the CPython is also faster than the python programming languages. Some areas of implementation of CPython language are as follows:

  • Scientific computation.
  • Web development.
  • Designing Python modules.