Python program to count the sum of numbers in a string

Count the sum of numbers in a string

Numbers can be added, but strings follow the rule of concatenation a string of alphabets will be concatenated before or after one another but in case of integers, numbers are added to each other to form a new number. Strings can be of many types:-
  • AlphaNumeric
  • Numeric
  • Character
In this python program, we will use alphanumeric strings to find the sum of all numbers in that string.


  • Step 1:- Start.
  • Step 2:-  Take user input as alphanumeric string.
  • Step 3:- Initialize an integer variable with zero value.
  • Step 4:- Check for numbers available in string.
  • Step 5:- If numbers are found add number to integer variable by typecasting it to int.
  • Step 6:- Print sum of the numbers available in string.
  • Step 7:- End.

Python program to find sum of all numbers available in a string

#take user input
String = input('Enter the alphanumeric string :')
#initialize integer variable
sum1 = 0
for i in String:
    #check if values lies between range of numbers or not
    #according to ascii tale
    if ord(i) >= 48 and ord(i) <= 57:
        #convert it to integer and add
        sum1 = sum1 + int(i)
print('Sum is :' + str(sum1))
Enter the alphanumeric string :Daya123Ben456
Sum is :21