Python program to calculate frequency of a characters in a string

Calculate the frequency of characters in a string

The string is a datatype in programing language and is formed when 2 or more characters join or concatenate together. Now it is not necessary for a string to have a distinct character, it can be meaningless or meaningful can have distinct characters or can be a combination of the same characters, Ex:- ‘abcd’, ‘aaaa’, ‘ababab’, ‘your_jokes’ this is a meaningless collection of characters but still are strings.
In this python program, we will be counting the frequency of a character in a string or how many times a character is present in a string.

Python program to calculate the frequency of characters in a string


  • Step 1:- Start.
  • Step 2:- Take user input as string.
  • Step 3:- Taker user input of character.
  • Step 4:- Initialize integer variable to get count.
  • Step 5:- Use count function to count the frequency.
  • Step 6:- Print counter variable
  • Step 7:- End.

Python program to count frequency of a character in a string

#take user input
String = input('Enter the string :')
#take character input
Character = input('Enter character :')
#initiaalize int variable to store frequency
frequency = 0
#use count function to count frequency of character
frequency = String.count(Character)
#count function is case sencetive 
#so it print frequency of Character according to given Character
print(str(frequency) + ' is the frequency of given character')
Enter the string :Bagha
Enter Character :a
2 is the frequency of given character