Tech Mahindra Paragraph 5


Tech Mahindra Paragraph Writing:-

Look at the image and write paragraph on it.


      An academic year is going to finish and as every year it’s time to prepare for annual day. Two students as representatives of all school students are in the principal’s room to request for the same. The biggest task ford students is not preparing and conducting the event but convincing the staff is the toughest. So two students who are academically good have been pushed by their friends to go and convince the teachers. As these kids have good records in their schools, everyone believes that teachers would listen to them. Also it’s the duty of the seniors to give the annual day to their juniors so as to receive a farewell day celebrations from the juniors. It’s an unspoken rule which is being followed, also this helps the seniors establish their seniority as they will be the ones conducting the events and organizing them. The two students are telling the plans they have for this annual day celebrations also trying to ask for funds from the teachers. One of best part was to organize or to participate in one of these events in schools.