Tech Mahindra Paragraph 4

Tech Mahindra Paragraph Writing:-

Look at the image and write paragraph on it.



It isn’t necessary that a human befriend only a human, the friend can be animals, birds, anyone with whom the human feels a connection and the heart to bond. The girl often comes to this place whenever she feels she want some time for herself, and the crow comforts her as he visit her too. They don’t see each other neither they talk. The crow doesn’t come there in greed of food or water. The girl brings something for crow once in a while. There’s an unspoken bond between the two which only the two can feel. She shares everything with the crow, so as to get it off her chest and crow sits there waiting for the girl. He just sits there with the girl. Does he understands or listens what she says,can’t be said but the crow understands the vibes and feelings of the girl. This has been going on for years now and is remarkable to see.