Tech Mahindra Paragraph 3

Tech Mahindra Paragraph Writing:-

Look at the image and write paragraph on it.


This picture shows the power of working together in a team. Any team is formed for achieving particular goal. To fulfill that goal members in a team should work together. For example, Employees belong to team and team to company. So for making progress in company employees should work in a team. In team everyone may have different point of views, different knowledge, but the plus point about team is everyone can discuss their ideas and know others. Also by discussing, new ideas can be there in mind. There may conflicts in group, but by going together with team players in a group is a responsibility of group leader. Group leader should have leadership quality to lead the whole group. Also when there is conflicts in ideas it is responsibility of group leader to take the actions. Companies have different projects based on different technologies. Members in a group may be from different domains, they have knowledge of different technologies. Hence if everyone is working together by sharing their ideas and knowledge, then project can be efficiently completed within time.