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The reason I love this scene plays off of my late wife’s love for this film. Mytelti Williamson plays Forrest’s best friend and neither are a particularly natural fit for the U.S. Army. But it’s Bubba’s never-ending recitation of the variety of shrimp that kills me. Kills me because it is hysterically deadpan, but also because my wife could do a very disturbing imitation of Williamson’s list, and would, at the oddest possible moment. So I picked this to round out the list because it is my favorite “Bubba moment” from the film, but also because when I talk to my wife later, I’ll have to mention that-against all odds-I miss having her mutter her shrimp soliloquy in church, during car trips, standing in line, etc. Movie scenes can become parts of our lives, our friendships, our marriages, and take on a life of their own outside of the work that birthed them. I’m sure you can think of a number of your own; this is just one that made its way out of the movie and into my life.