Mu Sigma On Campus Interview Experience – 11

Mu-Sigma is one of the companies for which preparation cant be overnight (well yes all other companies are the same too but there will not be any concepts to brush up on for mu-sigma the night before).

You have to be mentally prepared, fast in solving aptitude questions, be a good and a clear speaker.

The interview process in our University was pretty straight forward.

The first round filtering was done by conducting an Aptitude Test (15 questions 25 minutes +1 for correct and -0.5 for incorrect answers) which tested both speed and accuracy of the candidate. The questions were tricky but easy. They can be cracked with logical thinking and quick calculations. For example: A question on which symbol follows the given pattern will analyse your ability to arrive at a logical conclusion.

And there will be easy questions on quantitative aptitude involving intimidating numbers which test the accuracy of calculation and time management. Even if you know the procedure to solve those, the faster you solve the better will be the chances to get through. This is what they look for to filter from the first round.

A Problem Solving round had a pseudo code given and output was required to be written. This was where the second filtering was done so I suggest to practice tracing simple codes to get outputs. If you are comfortable with it this is very simple to get through. Don’t panic, Work calmly.

Video Synthesis is a round where we were asked to synthesise a clip shown. It is synthesising not summarising. Synthesis of Ramayana would mean “If you steal another man’s wife you will be doomed” but you know that is not a summary. Be crisp, Write what you understood not what happened in the clip. (I personally wrote only about 12 words)

Group Case Study round will have a case study given to your group which the group members will “Analyse” the case study and come up with suggestions to the interviewers who will be the clients. This is where the speaking skills and being a team player matters. Don’t argue, don’t keep mum, speak out you will be through.

Finally there will be Personal interview rounds where they try to know as much about you as possible. Speak the truth, be frank, keep the charming smile on. Be confident in the face to face interviews a small falter and you will be shown the exit door. Be ready to tell that you are a hard worker and are prepared to give the maximum for the company.

That is it, So all you need is a calm and clear mind always throughout the process.
Scores are sometimes taken cumulative or one at a time, whatever be it give your fullest you will get through easily.