Interview Experience On Campus – 7

The selection process of Mu Sigma is exactly as mentioned in few of the previous answers. I will just add my points over them:

1. Aptitude: If you are preparing for CAT/GRE/GMAT then you won’t find much difficulty in passing this stage. If not, no worries. Just go through some of the ubiquitous topics like time, distance, probability, AP (10th std. stuff)

2. Case Study: This stage was not present when was recruited, but from what I have heard from my juniors, it’s a fairly simple stage.. you’ll get some data/graphs and you have to draw the required insights out of them

3. Video Synthesis: This is the most straight forward stage.. You’ll be shown a clip and you just have to write what have you learnt from it. Nothing more, nothing less. Especially nothing more. People tend to give some extra gyan over here… when was the movie made, who acted, how was the scene shot etc. Don’t give all that gyan

4. GD: If you are a good orator then you will breeze through the GD. If not, practise.. The topics will be simple, but you’ll have to put your points through in a proper way

5. PI1: Usually people working on the field (Senior Business Analysts, Managers etc.) will take this round. They will be comparatively young and you’ll be able to connect with them. Cricket, Football, Tennis, Even comics – whatever your hobbies are, there are high chances they have the same hobbies. They’ll mostly ask you some puzzles and gauge your analytical ability

6. PI2: This is usually taken by HR with a delivery lead. In case your first interview was good, this will be just a walk in the park. They’ll ask you a few questions for formality. If not, they’ll ask you a few more questions based on your reasoning followed by the same formality.

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