Interview Experience On Campus – 2

Mu Sigma Interview is going to be a bitter sweet journey for you. Even if by any chance you fail to crack it be rest assured you can crack the very next interview you appear for if you come back and do the assessment.

My interview was held on 25th November, 2014. It consisted of 5 rounds of interview and the result was announced instantly.

1st Round : General Aptitude Test ( 25 questions 35 minutes)

I think this round is easiest to crack if you have your basics of mathematics correct. The 1st 15 minute questions were related to profit & loss, percentage, ration proportion,time and work,time and distance. I think if someone practices from R.S.Aggarwal then it is more than enough.

The next 5 questions were on verbal ability and the last 5 on functions.
The verbal ability questions were basically inference drawing from a set of given conditions.

I must say for solving the functions questions you really need to have grip on that chapter.

Since the questions carried negative marking its better to focus on accuracy rather than the no. of attempts. For in my case I attempted 17 got 16 correct.

2nd Round : Pseudo Code Solving and Business Case Study Analysis ( 40 minutes)

In this round a pseudo code will be given and you need to write down the output.
The business case study would be a test of how you approach a case when presented by a client. You will be given some data tables basis which you have to suggest solution to clients. You need to also ask certain questions that you feel is necessary to give the client a better proposition.

3rd Round : Video Synthesis Round ( 20 minutes video, 5 minutes for writing)

In this round you will be shown a video clipping it can be on any topic ranging from a clip from video or a lecture by the CEO itself. You won’t be allowed to write down anything during the video.
After the video is shown you will be given 5 minutes to write down what you have inferred from the same.
P.S Please don’t write down just the summary of the video, what they are looking for is what you inferred from the same.

4th and 5th Round ( 99% Technical + 1% HR)

Technical questions will range from basic statistics, puzzles, business case study, your work during internship, guesstimate.

For in my case I got 7 business case studies and 1 guesstimate to solve. Along with it they grilled on my internship.
When you are being bombarded with such questions HR questions come in your way as a relief here and there like why you want to join Mu Sigma, what did you learn in last 3 months, what is your greatest weakness, what is the opinion of your friends and professors about you, what do you mean by hard work and smart work.

My Suggestion : Just be genuine and be yourself and be cool and calm. The interviewers are very good they will help you if you are going on the right track. Don’t be tensed and show your desperation. Never lie in the interview and if you are bluffing be sure you are prepared for the follow up questions. Your performance in each of the round would be taken into consideration. I got to see my previous round corrected answer sheets and even questions were asked from the same.

Finally I would say give your best shot and since I had my interview in their office itself I got a feel of their work culture which is awesome. I am looking forward to start my journey at Mu Sigma this May.
Best of Luck !!!