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Live session

Special session by Manish and Atulya

Manish Agarwal PrepInsta
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Aptitude Session

Date: 9 Dec,2021: Time: 6:00 PM

Coding Session

Date: 13 Dec,2021: Time: 6:00 PM

Session by PrepInsta Trainers/Industry Experts

Counseling Session

Date: 05 Feb, 2023: Time: 5:00 PM

Coding Live Class

Day 16: Time: 7:00 PM,
Queue (Implementation/Questions)

Today's Session: Day 5 Slot 2 Schedule

Logical Reasoning

Day 5: Time: 4:00 PM

Verbal English

Day 5: Time: 5:00 PM

Quantitative Aptitude

Day 5: Time: 6:00 PM

Coding Live Class

Day 17: Time: 7:00 PM,
Tree (Implementation)