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Below are the details of PrepInsta Live Classes:

Below you will find the details of PrepInsta live classes of today's session, next day's session and more also including information about what are the topics that we are going to cover in PrepInsta live classes.

Today's Session

Logical Reasoning

Day 5: Time: 4:00 PM,
Number Series

Verbal English

Day 3: Time: 5:00 PM,
Grammar - Grammar - Parts of Speech

Coding Live Class

Day 5: Time: 6:00 PM,
Sorting (Bubble / Selection / Insertion)

Quantituve Aptitude

Day 5: Time: 7:00 PM,
Profit and Loss

Tomorrow's Session

Logical Reasoning

Day 6: Time: 4:00 PM,

Verbal English

Day 3: Time: 5:00 PM,

Coding Live Class

Day 6: Time: 6:00 PM,
Sorting (Merge Sort / Quick Sort)

Quantitative Aptitude

Day 6: Time: 7:00 PM,
SI and CI