Subsets Leetcode Solution

 Subsets Leetcode Problem :

Given an integer array nums of unique elements, return all possible subsets (the power set).

The solution set must not contain duplicate subsets. Return the solution in any order.

Subsets Leetcode Problem Solution :

Constraints :

  • 1 <= nums.length <= 10
  • -10 <= nums[i] <= 10
  • All the numbers of nums are unique.


  • Input: nums = [0]
  • Output: [[],[0]]

Idea to solve:

  • This is a very common problem in backtracking which is known by Take it or Leave it.
  • All we need to do is to create all possible sets, so for each node we will stand over it, we will have two main choices, one to create a set with that node, and the other is to create a set without this node, so after we finsh we will find that we have created all possible unique sets.


The solution depends on two main functions:

backTracking (res, nums, i, sz, sent)
parameters and return type

  1. This is a void function, which return nothing.
  2. It is a recursive one.
  3. res is the result matrix, we sent it by reference to store the sets in it.
  4. nums, is the given integer list.
  5. i which is the current index.
  6. sz, the size of the nums, but I sent it to not get the size in each call.
  7. sentr: it is a vector in which we insert the elements, till we reach the base case, then we insert the whole vector at the last case.

Base Case:

if the current index == size of the nums, then we have exceeded the array, and passed over all elements, so we just need to insert the sentr vector in the result matrix.

Recursive Logic:

  • Insert the nums[i] in the sentr vector.
  • Call the backtracking function, and in each call, send i + 1.
  • After coming back, pop that element.
  • Call the backtracking function again.


  • Time complexity: O(N)
  • Space complexity: O(N)

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