LTI Verbal English Questions with Answers 2019 PDF

LTI Verbal English Questions with Answers (Not Asked)

LTI Verbal English Questions and Answers are available here on our LTI Verbal English Dashboard. Here you can find the Latest and Updated LTI Verbal Questions, LTI Verbal Curriculum and Pattern, LTI Verbal Repeated Questions with Solution, Most Common LTI Verbal Questions and LTI Verbal Tips & Tricks to solve the complex questions more quickly and more efficiently.

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LTI English Papers with Solutions

NOTE: This section is not asked in the LTI examination anymore

LTI Verbal English Questions with Answers

Tips for this section –

  • Number of Questions: 3-4 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Low-Medium
  • Importance: Medium
LTI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

LTI English Papers with Answers

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 5-6Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
LTI English Ability Questions and Solutions

LTI Verbal Ability Questions and Answers

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 7-8 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Importance: High
LTI Verbal Syllabus and Pattern

LTI Verbal Curriculum and Pattern 2019 (Updated)

L&T Infotech Verbal Ability TopicsNo. of Questions Difficulty levelImportance LevelAverage Time to solve
Synonyms1Low – MediumMedium20 secs
Antonyms1Low – MediumMedium20 secs
Contextual Vocabulary1MediumMedium30 secs
Error Identification2MediumHigh30 secs
Sentence Improvement & Construction2MediumMedium30 secs
Sentence completion2-3HighHigh40 secs
One word substitution1HighHigh30 secs
Passage Completion0 or 1MediumMedium50 secs
Para Jumbles1-2MediumHigh1min
Inferential and Literal comprehension1HighMedium1min 30sec
Fill in the blanks2MediumHigh30sec


Most frequent questions and answers

Following topics are very important to study:-

  1. Sentence Completion
  2. Para jumbles.
  3. Error Identification

This is very difficult section to clear.

you have to get minimum 17to18 marks to pass this section.

They use there own platform to take the test.

Test is conducted by LTI ASSESMENT PLATFORM.


The Level is very difficult foe the verbal section.

As compared yo other section such as Quants,Logical, Verbal