How To Prepare for LTI Written Test 2019

LTI Preparation Course for Online Written Test

How to Prepare for LTI Online Written Test? Here is the solution: This dashboard will provide you with all the necessary information regarding preparation for LTI Written Test with help of Latest LTI Practice Questions and Answers, Most Similar LTI Questions with solutions also we have provided the Latest LTI Curriculum and Preparation Course. To increase your chances of getting selected in LTI Written Test you can go ahead and buy our LTI Paid Material.

How To Prepare for LTI Written Test

LTI Selection Process Details:-

For You To Succeed in the LTI Written we have provided all the important details below for the students.There are total of 3 Rounds of selection process that is conducted by LTI.Below you can find the descriptive description of the LTI Recruitment Process. To have a more detailed overview of LTI Recruitment Process please visit this link: **LTI Recruitment Process**

Round – 1

Online Written Test, this round has total of 4 different section and student needs to clear all of them to proceed to next Round.

  • Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability (20 Ques)
  • Verbal English/ Verbal Ability (20 Ques)
  • Logical Reasoning/ Analytical Reasoning (20 Ques)
  • Computer Programming (20 Ques)

Round -2 

Group Discussion Round

  • Once the student has cleared the Round -1 of LTI Online Written Test, they become eligible for the second round of selection process which is Group Discussion Round (GD). In this round a group of 5 to 10 student are seated in a Round table way and are given random topics to discuss about. Topics can very from Politics to Sports to even Current affair. Skills like Vocabulary, Leadership and General knowledge are tested in this round.

Round -3 

Interview Selection Round

  • After the Group Discussion Round, the students are selected for Interview Round, which comprises of two separate rounds as:
    • Technical Interview Round
    • HR Interview Round


LTI Written Test Preparation Material Quants

  • Basic Mathematics
    • Average
    • Time & work
    • Profit & Loss
    • Percentage
    • Number System
  • Applied Mathematics
    • Time Speed & Distance
    • Geometry
    • Ratio & Proportion
    • Heights and Distances
    • Number Series
  • Engineering Mathematics
    • Mixtures & Alligation
    • Simple & Compound
    • Interest
    • clocks and calender
    • Ages
  • Questions – 20 Ques
  • Time – 30 min
LTI Preparation Course

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LTI Preparation Course Questions and Answer VERBAL ENGLISH

  • Vocabulary
    • Synonyms
    • Antonyms
    • Contextual Vocabulary
    • One word substitution
    • Para Jumbles
  • Grammar
    • Error Identification
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Sentence Improvement & Correction
    • One word subtitution
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Passage Completion
    • Reading Comprehension ordering
  • Questions – 20 Ques
  • Time – 30 mins
LTI Success in Written Exam

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LTI Written Exam Preparation LOGICAL REASONING

  • Deductive Reasoning
    • Puzzle
    • Arrangements
    • seating arrangement
    • blood relations
    • Syllogism
    • Coding Decoding
    • Directions & Distance
    • Verbal Reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
    • Coding Pattern &
    • Number series
    • pattern recognition
    • Alphabet series
    • Analogy & Arrangement
  • Abductive Reasoning
    • Data Sufficiency
      Statement & Conclusion
  • Questions – 20 Ques
  • Time – 30 mins
LTI Most Common Questions with Answers

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 LTI Preparation Curriculum for COMPUTER PROGRAMMING

  • Basic Programming
    • Data Types
    • Iteration
    • Recursion
    • Decision
    • Procedure, functions and scope
  • Data Structures
    • Arrays, Linked Lists, 
    • Binary Trees, Graphs
    • Stacks, Queues
    • Hash Tables
    • Heaps
    • Searching and Sorting
  • OOPs
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Complexity Theory
  • Questions – 20 Ques
  • Time – 30 mins
LTI Written Test Preparation

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LTI Recruitment Process Steps – Selection Process

To get a detailed and in-depth information about the LTI Selection Process you can visit the link on the right side. There we have provide point to point description about all the information that you would need to know before appearing for LTI Recruitment Method.

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LTI Preparation Papers – Interview Problems and Answers 

LTI have a very long and lengthy LTI Interview Selection Round for every branch of Engineering be it Computer Sciences or IT Domain students or Non IT Branch Student likes Electrical or Electronics Students. We have also provided various Interview Experiences of various students also for you understand the scenario. 

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LTI Preparation Model Question and Sample Practice Papers

To excel and succeed in the LTI Online Written Test we have provided Practice Model Papers and Sample Practice Papers, that will help you understand the Pattern and Similar type of questions that comes in the exam for the students. 

Click Here for the LTI Sample Questions and Papers

LTI Preparation Course Online Written Test Pattern

LTI Online Written Test Preparation Course can be found on this page to help you understand in depth the important Topics to study from and also Topic Wise questions to practice.

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LTI Preparation Course  – Curriculum & Outline 2019

LTI Curriculum and Outline are getting updated each year for their different drives and here we have researched all those papers and provided you with the Most Updated and Latest LTI Curriculum and Pattern for Freshers.

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