Java Math log() Method

java math log() method

Java Math Class

Java Math class provides several methods to perform several operations on math calculations like max(), min(), sin(), cos(), round(), ceil(), floor(), abs() etc.
The java.lang.Math class contains various methods for performing basic numeric operations

Here, in the page we will discuss about the math log() Method in java.

Java Math log() Method :

This function returns the double value’s natural logarithm (in base e).

Special Points :

  • The result is NaN if the argument is NaN or less than zero.
  • Positive infinity is the result if the argument is positive infinity.
  • Negative infinity is the outcome if the argument is either positive zero or negative zero.

Syntax  :

public static double log(double a)

Example 1 :  


public class Main{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        //declaring variables
        double x = 100;
        double y = 505.5;
        double z = 90.7;
        double e = 0.0;
        //printing output for log method.
        System.out.println("Math.log(" + x + ") = " + Math.log(x));
        System.out.println("Math.log(" + y + ") = " + Math.log(y));
        System.out.println("Math.log(" + z + ") = " + Math.log(z));
        System.out.println("Math.log(" + e + ") = " + Math.log(e));

Output :

Math.log(100.0) = 4.605170185988092
Math.log(505.5) = 6.225548038460526
Math.log(90.7) = 4.507557357121091
Math.log(0.0) = -Infinity

Example 2  :  


public class Main
public static void main (String args[]) { //declaring variables double a = -4.45; double b = 1.0 / 0; double c = 0; // for negative integer as argument, we get asoutput NAN System.out.println (Math.log (a)); //for positive infinity as argument, we get output Infinity System.out.println (Math.log (b)); // positive zero as argument,we get output -Infinity System.out.println (Math.log (c)); } }

Output :


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