Set 8

Student Details
Name: Satyam
College: IIT, Bombay
Branch: Information Technology
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview
Last year Zoho Corporation visited our campus for their on-campus drive. We were informed by our professor to prepare nicely as the standards of the company are very high. So I prepared from the Prepinsta material as they provide the best preparation material for the interviews.

Eligibility Criteria
There was no percentage bar for the interview and students from all the stream were allowed to apply.

Round 1- Written Test (Quantitative Aptitude and Logical reasoning)
The questions in the written test were divided into two parts – quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. 90 minutes were given to each of us to complete the test, and there was no negative marking for the wrong question. The questions were in this format:

Round 2- Programming Round
Those who cleared the written test were eligible for the second round which included 10 MCQ questions on coding. 1 hour was given to complete the test. The questions asked in it were on:

  •  Pointers
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Complex and Nested
  • Loops
  • Control Flows

As I was good at solving these types of question I did not find any difficulty in clearing the second round and reaching the third, advanced round.

Round 3- Advanced Programming Round
The difficulty level was increasing with every round. Most of the candidates among us were nervous for the advanced programming round including me. We were given 7 coding questions and 75 minutes to complete it. Some of the questions were:

Find the height of a binary tree?
Puzzles on probability and number digits?Tree/graph traversals?

Out of 7 I answered 6 questions correctly and was selected for the face-to-face round.

Round 4 – Technical Interview Round   
The interviewer asked me some questions to check my basics such as to separate 0s and 1s in single array traversal, find largest palindromic subword in some of the given words, how an array works in system level in C, and what are the Java oops concepts. I was a little nervous but didn’t allow my nervousness to come on my face. I remained confident and answered all of his questions. He was quite impressed by my answers and asked me to wait outside for the results to announce.
After some time one of the interviewers came outside and attached the list of the selected candidates on the board.
I was very happy seeing my name on the list as I was selected for the last and final round.

Round 5 – HR Interview
I was very confident as I knew if you are called for this round you are almost selected. HR asked me some basic questions about my personal life, my interests and goals in life. He gave a brief introduction to the company and asked my salary expectation, and I was done with the interview.

After 2 hours the names of the candidates were announced, and my name was on the top.

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