Set 7

Student Details
Name: Lavanya Bhatt
College: SRM, Chennai
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer in ZOHO Corporation, Chennai from 21st June 2018. Zoho conducted an on-campus drive in our college in January 2018. The drive included written, programming, advanced programming, technical interview and general HR round.

The eligibility criteria for the interview was students
No percentag criterion

  • Students with backlogs are allowed
  • The interview was conducted in four rounds:

Round 1- Written Test
For the written round I bought PrepInsta’s material as my seniors and professors suggested to study from it. 90 minutes were given to us to complete this round. The written test had questions on two sections:
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical reasoning

Round 2- Programming Round
There were ten questions in programming round and the time limit given to us was one hour. Many students including me successfully cleared the second round as the questions asked were very simple. The questions included in the test were related to the basics of C/C++ such as pointers, matrix, strings, loops, etc. I was very happy as I cleared the round with very good marks.

Round 3- Advanced Programming Round
After the second round, we were given a paper with 6 coding questions. Time allotted to us was 75 minutes. We were given some modules to design. The modules were availability checking, booking and creating a chart. I was a little confident after giving the paper because it went quite well. When the results got announce, I was third in the list.

Round 4 – Technical Interview Round   
I was a little nervous for this round, but when I met the interviewer, I got relaxed as he was very polite. He asked me some questions to check my basics. He gave me some expressions to remove unbalanced parentheses from it. He also asked me questions about different data structures and OOPS.  
I confidently answered all the questions. And after 1 hour when the results were announced, I was selected for the next round.

Round 5 – HR Interview
HR asked me about the knowledge I have for the company. He asked me about my life experience, my hobbies and what I am good at. He also asked my expectations from the company and my future plans. I answered all his questions very confidently, and then he asked me to wait outside the room.

After 2 hours all the students who were selected for the job were called, and I was one among them.

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