Set 5

Student Details
Name: Anupama Saravanan
College: SRM, Chennai
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview
I attended the ZOHO Corporation’s on-campus drive held at our college last year. We were informed by our TPO about the same and also he suggested to prepare from the Prepinsta material. He told us about the eligibility criteria: students can apply
No percentage criterion
All streams are allowed
Students with backlogs can also appear for the drive

The interview process has four rounds:

Round 1- Written Test
(Aptitude and technical round)

  • Aptitude round: There were 25 questions in the aptitude test and the time given to us was 90 minutes.
  • Technical round: There were 10 questions in this round and time allotted was 1 hour to complete the test.
  • The questions in aptitude and technical round include:

    Round 2- Advanced Programming Round

    I successfully cleared the written test and was eligible for the programming round. We were given 5 questions and 75 minutes to complete them. We have to write the code for the given questions. The questions given to us were:
  • Find the longest Palindrome in a given string.
  • Find the height of a binomial tree.
  • Write the Pigeonhole Algorithm.
  • Give two dimensions of an array
  • Rotate the given matrix elements.

I knew all the answers very well and got the highest marks in the test. I was selected for the next face-to-face technical interview round.

Round 3 – Technical Interview Round
For me, the technical interview was the most difficult round as the questions asked by the interviewer were very confusing and brainstorming. First, we had a formal introduction and then he asked me about my final year project. After that, he asked me some technical questions. Some of them were:

  • What is Cutoff Frequency?
  • What is a transistor?
  • What is a semiconductor?
  • What is the Diode?What is a resistor?What is a rectifier?My technical round went quite well and I was shortlisted for the next HR round.

    Round 4 – HR Interview

    I was very nervous for this round, as I have never experienced this round before. When I went inside the room there were two interviewers. They took my general introduction and asked  questions related to my studies, parents, goals, etc. One of them asked me why I wanted to join ZOHO and how can I be the asset for the company. They were quite impressed by my answers. The interview went for around 30 minutes, and then I left the room.

    After one week, I received a letter from our TPO informing that i have been selected as a system engineer trainee.    

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