Set 4

Student Details
Name: Tarun Mathur
College: IIT, Varanasi
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-campus Interview

Student Interview
ZOHO conducted a full-time placement drive in our college last year. Before the interview process began, all the final year students were asked to assemble in the auditorium and the HR Manager of ZOHO gave us a brief presentation about the company. There weren’t many questions in my head as I already read about Zoho on PrepInsta. As a fresher Zoho is amongst the best place to work and begin the career.

Eligibility Criteria
There was no such percentage/branch bar. Therefore all the students applied for this company.

There were four rounds in total,

  • Aptitude and Technical Round
  • Advanced Technical Round
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Aptitude and Technical Round
This round was divided into two sub-divisions:

  • Aptitude Round – There were 25 questions in this round with low to medium difficulty. Time allotted for this round was 90 minutes.
  • Technical Round – There were 10 MCQ type questions, related to C/ C++programs and SQL queries. Time allotted for this round was 60 minutes.

The questions asked in the first round were not very tough to solve in comparison to the time allotted.
Results for this round were declared within an hour. After the results were announced, students were asked to accumulate in the final year computer lab for the next round.

Advanced Technical Round
All the selected students were given a paper in which there were 5 coding questions given. Time allotted to solve these 5 questions was 75 minutes. Since there were no particular criteria to differentiate students, therefore a lot of focus is given on the little details such as the syntax errors or the comments in the code. The difficulty level for this round was medium to high.

Most of the non- CS/IT students were eliminated after this round. The students who scored a 75 + percentile were eligible to move to the Face to Face interview Round.

Face to Face Interview Round
There were two stages in this,

  • Technical Round
  • HR Round

Technical Interview Round
The interviewer who took my interview was the Sr. Software Engineer of the company. He asked me few questions to check my basics with palindrome, Fibonacci series, circular queue, complexity. He drew some patterns and asked me to frame the logic for them. Later he gave me some pseudo codes and asked to write their outputs. The interview lasted for about 45-50 minutes.

HR Round
The HR asked me few questions about the company which he explained in the starting of the interview. Later he asked for my resume and asked me to introduce myself till he was going through my resume. He checking my confidence and communication skills. He asked few questions such as, what are your expectations and future plans, reason for joining ZOHO and many more. The interview went well, and I cleared my first interview with ZOHO.

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