Set 1

Student Details
Name: Neha Dutta
College: IIT, Delhi
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-campus Interview

Student Interview
I am presently working as the Senior JAVA Developer at the ZOHO Corporations Hyderabad,Telangana. I was selected as the Junior Software Developer when ZOHO came to my college for the pool campus drive. I read about ZOHO technologies before, as it provides the best working environment, and is a great firm to begina career for a fresher. I prepared through Prepinsta for the aptitude round. I remember some of the questions were so direct from their study materials that the first round was a cake walk for me.

There were four rounds in total: 

Written Round, Advanced Technical Round, Technical Interview, and HR Interview.

Written Round
The difference in the written round of ZOHO from the other companies was that there was no verbal section in this test. It was just the fundamental quants and logical reasoning questions.

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Coding Round
In this round, there were 5 coding questions given to each candidate. Since the difficulty level was set according to all the branches, therefore the interviewers kept an eye on every little detail. Even the syntax errors were also given proper considerations. The questions in my sheet were:

  • Write the algorithm for deadlock.
  • Print all Permutation of aString, both Recursive and Iterative
  • Write code to check whether two strings are Anagram.
  • Convert numerous string to int in JAVA.
  • Write a function to find the longest Palindrome in a string.

Face to Face Interview Round

There was two sub division in face to face round:

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

The candidate could only reach the HR round only if he or she clears the Technical round with 75+ percentile.

Technical Interview
The interviewer for this round was very nice. He offered me a glass of water and just asked usual questions related to college and final year exams to calm the environment. Then he asked me over which subject I have the strong command to which I answered JAVA. Then all the questions that were asked during the interview were entirely related to JAVA. In the end, the interviewer was highly impressed with my answers and wished me good luck.

HR Interview
When I entered for the interview, the HR asked me to introduce myself properly. He was impressed by my scores of the Technical Round. Therefore he didn’t ask me much. Just the basics, like

What do you know about us?
Are you up for relocations, or working overseas?

This round lasted for a max of 15 minutes. The results were announced by the evening. I along 15 more candidates were shortlisted for ZOHO Corporations.  

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